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A little guidance...

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Chris Standring, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Hello all, been reading the forums for a couple of days now and thought its about time for my first post :)

    Picked up GTR Evo and a Logitech DFP, been running around Zandvoort 07 in the WTCC 07 Seat Leon trying to get to grips with it all. Got it feeling quite nice at 540 degress with 18 lock and full FFB settings, although my arms are killing me now :D

    Would just like to ask, as im quite daunted by the number of tracks and classes, that is there a class and few tracks that stand out from the rest as more popular online? Obviously nowhere near ready to be racing online yet, but in my early days id rather not be working on learning tracks that im only going to race on once or twice.

    Thank you for any advice and/or guidance you can offer!

    [EDIT : My apologies if this has been asked elsewhere, my minds boggled with settings, setup info, random pdf's etc etc lol, theres so much to learn :D]
  2. Within the club we try to vary the tracks we use, it's not too often you run the same track with 2 weeks again.
    As for classes in Evo the common classes are WTCC, Minis & GT Classes, this includes public servers.

    Tracks online I see Monza run alot, Valencia is another & Istanbul I think too :)
  3. hi mate

    take a look in the evo club to see what kind of events we run...

    seat leon is an excellent choice to get you used to everything... stable, manageable, fwd, etc... staple tracks like brands-hatch, monza, magny-cours and valencia would also be a good place to start....

    but, if you haven't already, go immediately for the pro option - forget about aids, cause you'll never use them in the club :D
  4. Thanks for the quick replies and the pointers!

    Spotted the hotlap timings to whilst looking over the events section, didn't notice that before, gives me some food for thought.

    Thanks again :)
  5. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    Chris, the hotlaps are done by aliens, please do not imagine that these times are achievable while being human :becky:

    As a fellow FNG, my advice is get on and race when you become a trial member, as racing against the AI is completely different. You can join me at the back of the pack. Unless, of coyrse, you're an alien :D
  6. Best place to learn is out on the track to be honest, dont worry about being ready for online when i started i was very slow and now im just slow:wink:

    There are some tracks that i still dont know and if they come up for an event here i will just practice with what time i have as i find the single player option may teach you the track but nothing about your potential opponents so jump online and get learning is my advice.

    The only thing you need to be carefull of when new to online racing is to not smash into the back of someone and to know your limits, with this advice onboard you will do fine and this is what i concentrated on when i started and still do this now and glad to say i have a very low accident rate where it was actually my fault :thumb:
  7. rofl ill keep that in mind, thanks :)

    Thats my biggest concern to be honest, and why i havent jumped in at the deep end like i would with an arcade style racer for example. I guess the sooner i start the sooner ill improve though, thanks for the advice and the confidence boost!
  8. but also don't think you can't have any accidents at all - cause everyone does... :becky:
  9. :amen: to that one Andrew we also crash in spectacular style here at RD :D

    Chris as long as when you first race setup the quick chat presets and apologise if you do wrong and after a while of racing here you no longer use them as the guys know when an accident is just and accident and we all come and moan about it on the forums after the race LOL

    Right im off to the sofa as im not very well and can treat my wife like a nurse as she waits hand and foot on me LOL