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A lap simulator fo SIM players?

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by AngelOfAttack, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. There is a type of simulator used by real motorsport team that does not need a driver. Rather, it import the data of car, engine, track ... and even some real lap telemetry data to generate an "ideal lap" with lap time, speed, gas\brake\streeing input ect.ect... with some incredible accuracy.
    Some examples are:

    They are used in real sports and without price tag (you have to email them). I don't think an average sim player could afford one. And even if someone does, it may need a team of engineer to build it's database....

    Is there a simmer's replacement that simply use game data and do it with acceptable degraded precision? All I know for now is just following and watching a 120% AI doing it's lap... or if there is any way to export that AI's lap via telemetry data to motec format?
  2. rocafella1978


    just our of curiosity and not having tested myself, since R3E and AC have AI control and basically can output Telemetry of both to files, would that not work? (won't be able tomload telemetry and have AI drive but the other way around from R3E ans AC I think it is possible...there are apps and software for that, like Z1 has server and analyzer) just a thought.
  3. That's quite a nice ideal, but tried with rF2, the AI's recorad and my recorad just mystically mismatched. Ai hit corner 150meters before me, the re-gernaerted track from AI's lap and my lap even looks different...
    Might cause by the missmatch of my physical mode and the "simpfiled physical mode" AI use?