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A few simple questions.

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by bandit82, May 2, 2011.

  1. 1. How can I change the camera to a less rigid? It looks like the car was glued to the screen. I would like to see how the car turns. Now when I turned the whole screen moves. A car is 100% stiff. I do not see the sides when I turned.

    2. This may seem silly but I do not know how to change the weather and time of day on the track. I searched the forum but I see no answers.

    3. I still do not know where I can download my favorite tracks compatible with 8.32. I mean, swiss, fernstone and others. I have a swiss cg but it is a problem with the sky. It is probably not for version 8.32. I have a hard drive with 141 tracks and 800 car for Racer 5.3. Anyone want something?


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  2. To make the camera less rigid, you need to use the spring-mass-damper feature on the camera.
    For example, this is my chase camera:
      name=Chase Close
    To change the time of day ingame, use the console: 'SHIFT+[' brings up the console and then type 'time 1800' to set the time of day to 18:00 for example.

    As for tracks and cars compatible with Racer 0.8.32, I'm afraid there aren't (m)any. Most of the community is waiting for the next Racer final before updating existing content to be compatible with that Racer. It doesn't make sense to update the content each time new Racer beta comes out as things can change rapidly between Racer versions.
  3. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    "Shift + ["? It's "shift + '" for me lol, and on Linux it was "shift + `".
  4. LOL, well for me it is the second key to the left from Enter :p
  5. Som1 why I can't change the your camera view on left/right etc. using the number keys?
  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    That doesn't help, enter is two rows long!
  7. That's the restriction of the SMD cameras.
  8. Well, while we are at it.. Would you mind uploading somewhere two of your tracks that I haven't seen before - HermanosRodriguez_GP and Mallory_Park. Thanks..
  9. Once I started up the game on Carlswood and the weather looked like this:


    Now, no matter what time of day I choose, I can not get such an effect. It looked like a sunrise or sunset. It's hard to say. Everything was bathed like a special filter in top gear.
  10. It's because I tweaked the TOD curves, to make the same or even better than me, open your console & type 'edit tod'. Spacebar to make it transparent & then go thru your curves. I remember Ruud recommends to tweak them in a precise order, (racer.nl) but I didn't for my TOD.

    Also, really important, press N when you mouse-over a TOD point to set it in a precise way, same technique goes for Curved....

    Since you talking about them, anyone manage to make it work in the track folder ? I tried it but couldn't see any difference maybe I omitted something in special ini file ?

    I'd really love to get a unique TOD for each of my track...:)
    Also, I'm brainstorming about implementing a scripted TOD, more to come soon !
  11. TOD works per track right now, I've got them in a few of my tracks.

    I've got some nice TOD curves that I posted in the TOD thread. They are based on IES values for arch vis, but are set specifically to a certain Lat/Long and date, and sunny or overcast only. If you use them on any other date or lat/long, the intensities at different sun positions will be wrong.

    I believe the Carlswood/Racer default ones are based off the ones I posted, BUT, I think the lat/long/date are changed, so they don't work so nicely there. And generally Carlswood doesn't look so hot, all the texture intensities look not so balanced so things don't feel so great on that track (reflections, sky intensity and landscape all look out of balance)

    I'll re-post them tonight if I get chance with the specific location/time details, and some mie/ray/day-night transition tweaks I did.

    I'll also re-generate them for a specific cloudy/clear type, and lat/long/date, if someone has a track that needs them but is otherwise ready to release!

    Good accurate TOD curves are ideal for realistic looking track/car lighting and reflections at varying TOD's...

  12. Thx Dave, I might be, as always interested in your work, still you didn't say how you've been doing ? I mean what do I need to do apart from creating a 'tod' folder inside my track folder with all the curves inside ?

    If Ruud/Mitch implements more variables like Crytek 2 engine TOD editor (the SSAO etc..), we could end up soon with something that looks 10x better !!!
  13. I haven't done anything with TOD in a long time as I managed to get one that works with just about any track and when I download a track that has bad lighting I delete the TOD folder that comes with it and replace it with mine that works which usually solves the problem.

    I also remember that there are settings in the special.ini file that affect TOD, can't remember now just which ones. Damn senior moments!
  14. I do not understand one more thing. What is wrong with the cameras system? When you press the C you don't have a good track cam. Camera is flying like crazy around a car or view is from helicopter. Where is a good track cam? How can I record a nice replay if I don't have good cam?
  15. The C-key track camera is set by the track maker using tracked. The Helicopter view is in your racer.ini file. The camera that flies around the car is the "disco" camera and is part of racer.exe. The first two can be changed, third can't.

    Hope this helps.
  16. It's true for 'good' replays you need a good TKC (Track KeyFramed Cams) which takes some work to get a good transition between them. In my LiL Lake track, I've released 3 other special.ini files with different cams animations & sure they look good in replays !
  17. I can't get such an effect as you. You can share your TOD settings? I don't know why I once had these settings. Now, I don't. It was a racer with Carlswood without any changes.
  18. Hm, the ini file doesn't have any TKC...it's SMD cams, so simple ones.

    My track can be found in the tracks section, I'll update it soon, I'm waiting some of Racer new features.
    For the TOD curves, it's really easy, try it as I explained...too lazy for uploading atm.

    The curves I tweaked are : exposure, mie, rayleigh & sun_intensity, & some sun_diffuse r/g/b for the final fine tuning.
  19. I know where I saw that TOD! In Racer v0.8.31.


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