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A few questions about the 2009 mod.

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Ryan Callan, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. I couldn't resist anymore :D

    Will V8Factor 2009 incorporate sprint tyres, control tyres and wets?

    Will we see a Bathurst 2009? If the mod incorporates wet tyres, will we see a wet version of Bathurst? I wanna re-enact 2001 :D
  2. First question. Tyres. Can sprint and control tyres changed mid race?

    At the moment in rF you can choose which tyres you change. To add a set of sprint tyres in the selection box is possible. To change the tyre wall as a upgrade for visual effect can be done but can it be related to a tyre change mid race? It would be like changing the cars livery mid race. Asking rF to look for a different DDS file while in game mod which it want do with out reloading the car. Problem #1

    When you change tyres from say control to sprint you would expect the sprint tyre to have more grip, be faster wearing basicly do as a sprint tyre dose. To do this mid race and in accordance to the changing of the tyres. Again your asking rF to look for and read to install a new physic file for the tyre to change there in game behaviour mid race. Of cause this applys the the changing to a wet weather tyre also. rF reads all text files while the game is loading. If you change a text line somewhere rF want recognise it until the game is restarted. Problem #2

    I really don't think it will be possible to get around these problem in the current rF format.

    Bathurst update? You'll have to wait and see on that one.

    Bathurst wet? In rF1? Doubt it. I know Sugo have done a great job of getting a wet weather track. The track changes the grip level in accordance to the track you choose. This track though stays wet all the time through out prac qual and race. No weather change so rF has no need to look for a differing grip level ini file.

    These are the things that ISI are faced with to bring us rF2 with changing weather and grip levels. Dry line and wet line grip changes. I for one don't envy them trying to get this stuff working.
  3. I can confirm that we aren't really looking at going outside the functions of rF standard features for an rF release.

    In saying that though, up till now we have only run the control tyres so I am not going to commit to being able to hotswap mid race from control to sprint..

    I spose the question is.. that was available in 2009, but they have changed the rules in 2010..

    Is that going to be something worth worrying about to replicate 2009 when 2010 changed with the differing rules??
  4. I understand that only some races will be all sprint/all-control in 2010?. Barbagallo and Winton are all sprint tyres. But many others are switchable. I have a feeling FVR are going to take a stab at them.
  5. Sorry.. It's not a matter of having a go at doing it. It is a do-able configuration...

    I spose my concern is towards determining if it is viable to spend time on it for something that can not be controlled by the game as a replication of the series.

    In the real series, there are tyre allocations, which rF can't replicate. And... as Doug pointed out, the sprints and control have different side wall colouring (which is the non-replicating part of a hot swap in the pits).

    They are more the blockers than having both tyres in game.

    But, in reality, if we introduce the "Sprint" Tyres, most peeps will just hop on board, and not use the "controls" anyway so they can get an improved grip and stick.
  6. I understand, just being curious :)
  7. I'm pretty sure we can do the sprint tyres as a different compound, so it should be possible to choose them in the setup and pitstops. The main problem is that rFactor only allows one texture for the lot, so we can have as many different compounds as we want, but they'll all look the same.
  8. If you had 2 selectable compounds in race/testing and 2 "Appearance Only" Textures that could be selected in Upgrades I think that would make a nice compromise that people would understand given the limitations of the rF1 platform.
  9. Effectively, we could have a selectable sprint or Control tyre sidewall in the upgrades, as I think we should also be able to make the car select the right tyre type as part of that process.. But when you get into the garage, they can be changed, and the tyres won't be.

    But really....Are you gunna be looking at someones tyres when you are racing them?? Probably not a large consideration.

    I think the ability to choose the Sprints / Wets / Controls is more important than stressing about a sidewall don't you..
  10. But I want Bridgestones! Well I don't really, but I'm sure some will, even if the current control tyre handles completely different.