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A Different Pit stop bug?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Nick Brooke, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. There are 3 tracks where i have a strange bug. I come out of the pits and i am stuck going in first gear way after the line for releasing the limiter. This means on a couple of tracks it adds some 15 seconds more onto my pit time. Nothing i do changes it i cannot change gear or anything until i am well out and into the first corner.
    Yeongam - South Korea omg this is horrible takes forever to pit

    Anyone else have this bug?
  2. Yes, I have it too, I have suffered it in Brazil, Montreal and Istanbul...there may be more tracks affected but these I know about.
  3. It's the weight of all the snax/kebabs/cheeseburgers you pick up in the pits that slows your exit Jan!!
  4. Yes, but I must have a snack while driving down the pitlane, there is little else to do. :D
    Bet I could go through a pizza and half a liter of coke too before the limiter decides to release my car....:tongue:
  5. Is this in the Force India by any chance?
  6. No, it's not, the pit lane speed is correct, it is the limiter that wont release until you are a very long way outside the pit area...Have had it in the BMW Sauber and the Williams.
    Could be more cars effected, but those two I know by experince suffers from the bug.
  7. Never really thought of that as a bug. I assumed it was some really bad coding from Codemasters on where the pit limiter is.
  8. Well, it's very anoying when you can't get the limiter to release, not to mention that it cost you some seconds in time too.
    Oh, and it's of course only when you use manual limiter, not on auto.
  9. Monza is pretty bad I would say on the release of the pit limiter as I'm pressing it and then the car trundles out about 5kph faster then with it on. Normally see some AI ghosting past ):
  10. Its in the lotus for me, very annoying