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A couple questions

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Tomas Torasen, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. I just bought the game and thought I'd try it. After about half an hour I'm hooked :p
    Just took the Abarth around spa and I just love how this car feels to drive, never thought full throttle in an Abarth through eau rouge could feel this thrilling in a video game ;) lol

    I have a couple questions though.

    I use a G27. Do you guys with logitech wheels have any of the FFB controllers in the profiler activated?
    I found no FFB setup in the game, luckily it feels quite good already but would be nice to know how you guys tweak it.

    And when I look at replays (thought I'd record a lap) I cant find the cockpit view.. isnt this possible?
  2. Hey Tomas, welcome to NKP!

    For my G25 I use:

    logitech profiler
    100 % strenght
    0% damping
    0% centerspring

    In game, when you are sitting in your car in the garage you have multiple setup tabs. On the far right is the 'view' tab. There you can tweak your FFB. Friction & Damping at 0% and FF Gain not too high. Make sure it doesn't clip when you ride (look at the grey bar downleft and make sure it doesn't hit the red part).

    You can cycle through the views with F2 out of my head. Cockpit is there!

  3. If you click the "view" tab when in the pits you can adjust FFB gain and damping etc in there. Standard for me is too much FFB and way too harsh but with some adjustments NetKar has some very clever FFB. Cockpit view is not available in replays which is a bummer and the thing that annoys me more is the 30fps frame cap in the replays.
  4. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Personally i find the FFB in nkpro to hard for my g25 so i use slightly different setup:

    61% strength
    0% damping
    0% centerspring
  5. thanks for the answers.

    I find the effects from curbs much too strong.

    That gray bar, is that some indication of FFB? Red might hurt my wheel?
  6. Hey Tomas!
    I use the following settings with my G25:
    In profiler:
    107% strength, others are 0%

    In-game I use 0.700 gain. It clips sometimes, but I don't really care about it. It's not too much, and the wheel feels unbelievably real. I use 10% friction (yeah, I like heavy wheels).
    One more thing to add: you can set a special hard mode to your wheel in a config file called "nkpro.ini". You can find it in the "cfg" folder in your nKP installation. I use the hard mode, as I drive mainly the F1600/F1800, but it's not really suitable to the winged cars.
  7. I'm also at 0.700 now and it feels good, a little loose maybe. I might try some low friction too.
    What is this clipping?

    Could you explain this hard mode what the difference is?

    I also wonder about steer ratio. Setting it very low compared to very high, I feel the difference but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like linearity or sensitivity? Or is it a percentage like a lock?
    It could also be a part of the car setup so it's how much the wheels turn in response to the steering wheel?

    Heheh thanks for helping me ;) Many new things!
  8. Steering ratio in the car setup? That's the ratio between the turn of the steering wheel, and the turn of the wheel. The higher the ratio, the more you have to turn the steering wheel to get the same result.

    It's measured in degrees. If you turn the steering wheel 360 degrees, and the wheel turns 20 degrees, that's an 18:1 steering ratio.
  9. I run:
    101% strength
    0% damping
    0% centerspring
    + in game 1.100 gain with sensitivity 50%
  10. I tried changing steering lock both in profiler and in the game to 180 which I am most used to. I seem to get more than that though.
    The manual recommended to always set the wheel to full rotation outside the game, which I have now. (900)

    In other games there is a steering lock within the car setup. I'm not sure I understand if it's the same in this game.
    What I mean with that setting is a steering lock of the wheels on the car, so they turn more or less. I usually set that setting to a low degree, which I imagine should be less stressful to the tires and also for avoiding steering passed the slip angle.

    Maybe the game only registers 400 degrees as default and calculates it wrong? Or I just dont have a clue what half of it means ;)
  11. Steering ratio and lock are different things, you mentioned steering ratio above.
    Steering ratio determines how much the wheel turns for a given steering input, it doesn't impose a limit to turning on its own.

    Is there a steering lock option in the game? Don't really tinker with it anywhere, I have a crappy 180 degree wheel.
    400 degrees of rotation at 18:1 steering ratio -> the wheels will turn no more than 22 degrees (400/18).

    I hope that's correct, and/or makes sense :D
  12. Then it should be what I suspected. Although I didnt understand the math until I read your explanation. =)
  13. in netkar there isn't any stear lock options, but you can modify only the stear ratio!!! ;) the game is done to be used with a 900° wheel and you can work only on the stear ratio for fiding the best for not stress to much the tyres for every track!! ;)
  14. I still havent figured out what all the meters down on the left side does.. The throttle and brake is easy to understand but what are the others?
  15. the blue one is for the clutch (is the one at the extreme left) than there is the red one, that is the brake, the green bar is the throttle and the grey bar is the ffb meter, it helps you to see if you set the force feedback too much strong and if you are clipping the ffb effects, and so loosing information...... there are people that said that for a better experience that bar must stay at 75% and only on kerbs and sometimes it must go to the max.....but it depends also on how much you want heavy your stearing well..... more heavy means that probably you are loosing a lot of information on the ffb because the wheel is only concentrated on the force and not on the other effects......but some people prefer a more strong wheel also if you loose information while others whant a light wheel, where you can feel every hole of the track!! ;)
  16. Thanks, Mattia. I get clipping at very low settings sometimes. I guess I like a little more FFB.

    I think with higher FFB (about 1200 gain) I can feel grip weight transfer and grip loss much easier, even though it clipps.

    Does someone know if there is like an xml file where we can change variables in the FFB? I would like to dial down the effect from curbs a bit, especially in the formula fords, other than that this game has the best FFB I've experienced.