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A-class: 2012 S3

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Yoeri Gijsen, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff Member

    Share you experiences in the one of the several A-class series with the rest of the community.

    What A-class series do you race?
    How do the cars feel?
    How is this week's track working out for you?
    What are the series/races like?

    Whatever you want to talk about, as long as it's A-class stuff you can dump it here!
  2. Oval: Love the challenge the A car brings, the people can sometimes be dumb but if you're not using a setup tuned to your liking then sometimes it's not their fault they have understeer or oversteer. Daytona... what a clusterf**k this track is, wish I never had to race here again because I've already lost 0.40 SR and 100 iRating and I've heard many people said they've done worse. No one can hold a line and I guess you must try to go for the lead on lap 5. This week (well later tonight) they're at Michigan which I really enjoyed last season until someone spun and collected me and a few others ending my race. The nice thing about this series is that there's no shortage of racers meaning you'll always get placed in a split with people similar to your skill level.

    Road: The FW31 is the hardest car to drive no doubt and I cannot figure out how to set this car up to save my life. That's the biggest problem this series has and why it's dying fast. It doesn't help iRacing is too lazy to include any kind of basic setup like they do for almost every other series. Watkins Glen is 1 of 2 tracks I can get around without crashing and that didn't work out to well this week, first race I get punted on the first turn after passing 4 people off the start, and race 2 my dad thought he'd be funny and sneak up behind me which sent me into a wall and me wanting to kick him in the bag. Another problem with this series is the rules that go along with it, they're not identical to the real F1 rules and sometimes others and I forget this such as the blue flag rule and the 1 move rule; both don't apply in iRacing. The other thing is if you want to compete in this series you cannot do anything else because to actually be good at a track and be able to keep the car on it, it requires an hour or more of practice per day. This isn't a series you can just walk into.

    To be honest the best racing I've had hasn't come from A class races, I enjoy my A class license in both road/oval, but it's not as great as some people make it out to be. I enjoy the trucks and the GT Challenge series just as much and they provide the same level of racing with cars that are easier to control.
  3. So I'm taking a "serious whack" at Trucks, and dabbling in A in what I called "more of an extensive R&D session than racing". Well, Trucks finds me in 40something position, in A Class....I'm 8th!! Every race I've done, every decision I've made, every move I decided to do has just turned out perfect, even at Daytona. I'm sure it's just what we in the gaming world call "good variance" and common folk call "luck", but either way, it sure feels good.

    And same as the Trucks, the tweaks to the tires are just fabulous. I was quite irked with the schedule across the Oval world, but all the inner tweaks more than made up for it.
  4. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff Member

    You better watch out, Carl, you might end up getting Pro license. ;)
  5. He's in division 3, you need to be in division 1 and top 10 to get a pro license. I'm 3rd at the moment in division 5 thanks to a brutal weeks at Daytona, hopefully Michigan will fix that.
  6. Yeah, Div 3, only a tick above 2k iR. I've no delusions of going pro, just excited how well I'm doing without really trying. But if Trucks are any indication, I predict an immediate and unpleasant fall from grace at Michigan. It's only been one race, but I just don't have it here =/