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A big thank-you to all of you Modders

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by wabbithunta, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. I don't often come on to this forum but I have to agree others who make comments about CM and their apparent apathy concerning this game and the look and feel of it as well as its playability.

    Years ago I had, and still have it somewhere too, Jeff Crammonds F1 pc game. In that game you had cars in the wing mirrors, tire wear, car setups and these were detailed too, race strategies etc etc plus race flags on screen as well as the ability to switch the car view in game to view the race from another cars cockpit.
    You did this at your peril as you could get carried away viewing the race from different cars and by the time you got back to your own car you could be off the track or worse still... crashed!
    Also you had the ability to save the game mid race so you could carry on racing from that point at a later date. There were mods made by people to that game that showed during the race, graphics listing race/lap times of other cars and their positions etc. just like the Beeb do on the F1 races they cover.

    How hard is it for CM to actually do that as well as the detailed work that all the modders do on here!

    I take my hat off to all of you who do these mods too, great work from all of you. :)

    With the processing power of CPU's etc of today's PC's you'd think it would be an easy thing to do given the level of processing power available to PC's today.. Obviously not according to CM as their efforts are improved no end by modders on here.

    I've downloaded a few mods to improve my version of this game. I just find it astounding that a company like CM cannot do this, plus other things too, and it is down to people on here that mod the game and improve the overall life and playability of the game 100% .. and more! I've got to add some to my game and so far I've only modded my copy of F1 2012 with Demy van Zoggel's F1 2012 Realism mod and it's very impressive. I've also got the REALISTIC DAMAGE v3.0 by Cromiell loaded too so I'm about to go and continue in career mode at the Hungaroring as I'm assuming it doesn't matter if you're already racing, mid season, as it'll just do its stuff at any point in career mode.

    Not too sure if the other mods will cause any conflicts so it may be a case of "suck it and see" so to speak.
    Wondering if it's worth getting the on-screen flags too.

    I've actually had a race at Monaco and the safety car came out in career mode (shock... horror!) when there was a massive pile up as 6 cars went in that one at the hairpin before the tunnel and the race ended up with four other cars dropping out too! Still yet to see it appear on other circuits but it's nice to see it out (!!!) and actually working as I've not seen it when I've raced at Monaco in this the 2012 version as it's unavailable in career mode.

    I'm wondering if the people from CM actually come on here to take note of what you modders do and take notes for the next version they put out.

    No doubt it'll be modded as soon as it's been patched a few times by you guys in here.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do to that version too! :)

    Maybe they need to get Jeff Crammond onboard and take a look at what he made all those years ago, as well as the mods that were available then too!

    I was wondering if anyone has done any laptimes-distances between cars that can be shown on the bottome of the screen as they do on F1 races they show on TV (BBC for example) instead of that display CM use that just shows the top four cars and also without the need to go to the race director to get a breakdown of laptimes and positions etc, pausing the game to do this too.

    Once again thanks to all of you who take the time to make these mods to improve the overall look and playability of this game.
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  2. Well said:thumbsup:
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  3. @wanbbithunta, you should try adding the triggers pit xmls from the SC mod too (just decided to promote this as I modded 12 of the tracks ;)) Those xml files won't clash with the other mods you are using and actually will compliment them superbly :thumbsup:

    If you do, just be sure you back up the triggers pit xml files for each track separately.
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  4. Thanks man, this is where I made it for! (and to play it myself, gheghe)

    If you like those mods, i'd like to ask you to take a look at the mods on the bottom of my opening post. Those mods improve the game even more!
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  5. I agree with your opinion about modders. They do a superb work and we should thank them more often.
    So first of all: thanks, modders.

    Now, "Code masters" must be the worst joke ever XD
    I also wondered myself how could be a F1 simulator if other company (SimBin comes by necessity to my mind) got the license.
    However, we are going to suffer CM F1 games until (at least) 2015, I think.

    And I've heard a lot about that GP4 game but never played it. I'm pretty sure I'll give it a try, even with those old graphics, I don't mind (I'm actually playing Gran Turismo 1, Viper Racing, etc... there is no need to tell you more haha)
    Good games are good games.
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  6. Thanks for your comments guys. I'll be looking at the mods you suggest and will be adding them to the game asap. :)
  7. Are you referring to this mod?
    SSafety Car Fix "mod" Alpha (W.I.P) V0.6


  8. Hi Demy
    What mods are they and what do they do?
  9. Done it.. will see how it works when I get to have a crack at Monza later on today in career mode and I've also loaded the mod for the braking points too.