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92 BMW M3 @ Bathurst

Discussion in 'R3E Setups' started by Tim Cannon, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. Tim Cannon

    Tim Cannon
    Premium Member

    This setup isn't that different then default. I'm sorry, i haven't found a magic setup, but I find I can be consistent with this one. if you don't like it, you can still start your own setup using my gears, brake or diff settings and go from there.

    I have a 2.10.0xx with this setup but I average in the high 2.10's/low 2.11's. so this leaderboard time, like a few of my others, is a lucky lap. somewhere in that lap I messed up and saved it and managed to be faster.

    You'll notice the brake balance is 55/45. I use that going up the mountain. When I get to the top, I change it to 60/40 for going downhill. Then back to 55/45 after turn 1. If you don't want to change on the fly, I suggest somewhere in between(57/43 maybe). the steering range/lock is 540/22.

    RRRE 2015-04-06 17-29-48-09.jpg

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  2. wouldn't it make more sense to lower front brake bias while driving downhill and increase when going up?
    as your front tyres will provide more grip while driving uphill under braking and less downhill, right?!
  3. Tim Cannon

    Tim Cannon
    Premium Member

    Not from my experience. The rear gets light when braking going downhill(lighter then going uphill or on flats) and can lock up easier then braking uphill. That's the way it feels to me.
  4. yeah i thought so too the moment i replied... especially within the chicanes downhill
  5. Thanks for sharing buddy!
  6. Chasing your ghost all day, I noticed that you were using default gears on your #1 ranked lap. So I switched to default gears, but other than that I used your above setup. It's helping a lot! I did change the diff power from 30 to 50 to try and help me catch up to you going uphill, but it wasn't enough - you're a beast going uphill!
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  7. Tim Cannon

    Tim Cannon
    Premium Member

    Thought the gears above were the ones I used, but I could be wrong. I'll check the replay for speed/rpm.
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  8. Thanks for the setup, must say that i really love/like this game, and when ppl sharing setups like this its just amazing.

    A huge thx...
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  9. downhill there is more weightshift to the front under braking, therefore more grip on the front tyres and less on the rear tyres, therefore braking balance more to the front is indeed logic. More braking force to the rear would lock them up easier, cause braking forces would exceed grip levels of rear tyres......