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90s Classic Drivers Chmpionship

Discussion in 'X360 | F1 Championship' started by IrieLion04, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Starting a 90s Drivers League championship.
    First come first serve as to which car you want.
    Ferrari constructor will be classified in to the Ferrari A and B teams and so on.
    50% races with one shot qualifying (as that is the only one you can pick)
    ————So parc ferme will be off for those of you wanting setup changes
    Time: Will be voted on but …for now (Wednesday 10pm EST)
    Start races when atleast 5 drivers are signed up!!!!!

    Good, Clean racing here just looking for some great competition.
    Just reply below with your gamertag and which car you would like (remember first come first serve.)
    Also your vote on what time and day you would like to play on. (Time: remember to include your time zone)

    Im BurningGiant36
    Ferrari F399[​IMG]Wednesday 10pm EST
  2. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    We already have a classics league (see PRL League) here. Sunday afternoons U.S. time. Off weekends sorta. Come join if you wish.
  3. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss
    last but not least

    I know you from your brief run in PRL, you're welcome to join our PRL leahie. We rotate the cars each week and use the 80s and 90s cars. We also turn all of the assists off, but you can use Auto gears if you need.
  4. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    There is no setup changes with one shot qualifying, you just pick an engineers setup that's it:rolleyes:.
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  5. i wish this would happen in our league :) make it more even haha