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Skins #88 & # 43 Alt Stockcar Skins 2015-11-16

Alt Skins for rF2 Stockcars

  1. Magic43

    "Drive it, like you stole it."

    Sry but where i have to install it pls? Thx in advance. Btw nice Skin :thumbsup:

    Cheers Magic43
  2. Start rF2 then select the Edgar #43 stockcar/tuning/create directory, exit game.

    Now take the alt43STP skin you downloaded from here and place it in the factor 2/user data/player/settings/ISI_StockCar_2015/SC2014_43 folder.

    The SC2014_43 folder and one alt skin was created when you selected create directory in the first step.
    You can add your alt43STP skin and remove the alt skin that was created.

    Now go back into the game and select the Edgar #43 Stockcar/tuning/Variants and hit arrow key beside variants to select your alt43STP skin.
  3. Magic43

    "Drive it, like you stole it."

    Thx a lot Easton :thumbsup:
  4. Great work Easton!