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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, May 31, 2011.

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  1. Wait for the image to load...

    TIME June, Thursday 2 - 20:00 CET
    CIRCUIT Donington Park STC Version
    WEATHER Changeable. Check website for the forecast


    30 minutes Practice
    10 minutes Qualification
    20 minutes Warm Up
    90 minutes Race

  2. Whats the weather going to be?
  3. A weather forecast would indeed be handy :) !

    Please update te site.
    Ohw Giorgos, i don't rely on that to be honest. As it have been different for what i have seen.
  4. Guys the weather is randomly generated by a program!!!! Its not anything like realtime...its loosely based on historical data for each region/track. The program is "GTR EVO NAW weather system" I cant find the link...can someone post it again. Every team should have this for testing.
  5. like X10 lol

    lovely poster :)
  6. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    It is up since last week, the only thing I didn't changed it's the track name, I will do now, but the forecast is the one you could and can see in the website.
  7. Oh goody... rain...

  8. there is acctually no rain in this part of england today i live about 1 hour from donnington and bright blue skies warm weather so i hope it does not rain lool
  9. Reggie Blain

    Reggie Blain
    Premium Member

    Torrent motor sports is short for drivers and have there new driver John Mccartney driving for them tonight along with Reggie Blain
  10. Reggie, his name is not in the allocation.

    And then we have this rule :
    "No team will be able to add more drivers or modify the entry list for the series once there are only 3 races remaining to the end of the seasson. It means, no modifications after Race 7. Only in a emergency case, and after consultation with STC staff some changes will be allowed. "

    I hope you have spoken this through with the STC staff, or it wouldn't be fair for other teams that are also strugling with drivers.
  11. compleat and utter ****

    why did this have to happen

    i should at least have got a top ten finish but as usuall the bad luck that has been plaguing me strikes again

    and im fed up of feeling bad after races this is supossed to be fun and this year i have had not much fun at all (sim racing in general)
  12. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    What happened?
  13. It rained... :p
  14. Man I thought you almost had 17th place for sure.
  15. the rain wasnt the problem well it was sometimes lol more just the random quick changes

    race started off we go great start made a few positions

    it started to get dryer on the track so headded to pit to change the tyres. spin the JE4 on the entry and hit the wall, reversed and didnt go back far enough, went forward hit the dam wall again so had to reverse again, got it straight went into pit. finally got out with the soft tyres on again and the after some laps it went wet again. so seeing the other guys going in pits i do the same and into pits for wets i go. the thing is i fogot to make a wet preset before the race started so had to park in the box before mine to alter my menu, as my pit was a last corner desision thing. ok laps went by and then the rain stops and getting dry again, so heading to pits for nice soft rubber. the thing is from altering my pit menu to wet tyres i didnt notice this and the mechanics put on wets WTF. i didnt realise till about a lap after i exited the pit and thaugh **** i cant go in i will loose more time. so powered on on super hot wet tyres in the dry. finally rain come it colled down my wet tyres but they were on 70% left by then (not ideal). by this time all hope for me was lost and my chances of doing well at my home track failed

    so as you can see with 2 weeks of setting up my car over 500+ laps compleated. in practice 2 .800 behind marcin i was super happy for this race today and expected to do much better and then to get a finish like this it hurts :(

  16. The first 70 minutes were quite good for me, not brillant, but okay. I could hope for a top 12 result.

    Then... Well, a missed pit box and a tyre puncture three or two laps before finish. :/

    I'm really dissapointed and I feel sorry for the team, I failed on my "last-minute replacement duty", despite I actually finished the race 16th.
  17. I got the ride for this race today, so not much training, especially none in the rain. Nevertheless, I was surprisingly fast. Managed to get into Top 10 already after I misjudged the weather in the quali. But then, all went wrong. Bad luck with the strategy decissions in the race (changing tires always at the wrong time^^) and some joking on me of the game during two pitstops threw me back to 16th, far far behind the next drivers. An unnecessary spin did also not help. 13th at the end, could have been 12th with one lap more...
    In the end, the result was more than I expected before I started training...but much less then it could have been with a bit more luck^^. Just the two "jokes" of the game during the pitstop cost me 30s together, and my spin cost around 15-20s to recover...lost almost a minute due to that, not to speak about my "intelligent strategy decissions"...lol... :tongue: So both TBR drivers with bad luck... :frown:

    Nevertheless, it was fun to drive. I think will be back, if my team TBR needs a spare driver again. :cool:
  18. Yes, me too. And with so little time left I thought I could consolidate the gap to you. But my wet tires where completely gone in the end and I had a very hard time keeping the Doran on track (as you have noticed... ). Then when you passed me I also got hit by one of the faster drivers lapping me and that also ended my plans of trying to catch you again lol!

    For the rest... man what a race... so much has happened that I forgot half of it again lol! Started out OK-ish and actually got to race a couple of guys. When the track started to dry up and a lot of guys pitted for dry tires I found myself running in 14th for a while. And I was really doubting every lap if I should pit for dry tires as well. But stayed on the dry tires untill my first planned stop. It was dry at that time so I went for dry tires and filled up with fuel. Was a mistake as it started to rain (again) and I also crashed into a barrier damaging my suspension making the Doran even more difficult to drive. Then it dried again and it rained and it dried again and it rained etc. and the race ended with me in p.18.

    Sorry to Martin Kraaijenbrink for the hit when I came out of pit, I should have been more careful!

    Oh, and please, next STC season: no more Doran... :mad:
  19. I kinda´like the Doran. I think it´s one of the best R07 mods out there. But hey! Thats my opinion. :)
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