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75-100% races

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Viktor Andersson, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. I wonder if I have to use Standard engine or something to not run out of fuel or what is it that makes you not have fuel the last lap(s)? I always read that when you are talking about the races that are 75-100%, I want to know what I should do to not get it, thx.
  2. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Hey Viktor I was wondering the same thing myself... I was doing some long practice runs at Bahrain and had 38 laps of fuel in the car. After the first couple of laps on standard I switched to fast and around lap 30 I was getting the 'come into the pits within the next two laps , you're almost out of fuel' message from the engineer. I have read somewhere that running in standard for a couple of laps is enough to see the fuel last the race but that seems contrary to what I was finding in my practice session.
  3. thx for answer! Is there someone that have race more 100% that knows more, let me know how to get fuel the whole race :D
  4. Im convinced that as well as the obvious engine map impact on fuel usage, a lot also has to do with driving style and aerodynamics - which is why on some 50, 75 and 100% races with cars set 'equal', some people suffer from low fuel and others dont.

    The smoother the driving, the less 'offs', less gear changing, less red-lining, less resistance from car setup - the better the economy.
  5. I seem to be pretty good at fuel managment (have never run out to date, even when doing 75% league races). I often finish with the fuel light on yellow-red so it's not that I'm not maximizing use of fuel either.

    I agree with Paul, Driving style has a big impact, also shortshifting, finding the right balance between using fast and standard engine mapping (almost never use cruise) - I think on average I use fast mode for about 40% of races. I hadn't thought about aero having an impact as well but that is a good point and very possible as well.

    Driving style definateky does matter. A league race I did recently, I had shared my setup with a mate in the race so we were on exact same settings. He ran out on the penultimate lap, I didn't at all. I never let my engine overrev, try to be super careful with throttle control on exit so I don't let the engine scream from wheelspin - shortshift on places with bad traction, and as you may notice I take many slower corners a gear higher than others usually do (at least a fair few people have told me so), that probably also helps my fuel consumption.
  6. Nice, ok, so smooth driving is the key to have fuel whole race, so "Fast" engine works then as long as you drive smooth
  7. It also depends perhaps on the track? Some tracks for example SPA i can do 75/100% race completly on fast engine and never ran out of fuel and never need to change my style to fuel savingmod... Other tracks i have fuel problems even with the fuelsaving driving style
    Maybe its also in the game software or netcode ?
  8. yes it might be depending on track too, I got yellow fuel last 50% Istanbul while nothing on 50% Melbourne
  9. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    @Paul.. ah that explains it.. I must have done an extra lap or two getting out of the sand at various points of my Bahrain practice session *lol*
  10. I think the weather must also has a impact on how fuel lasts - that might just be because of the reasons already mentioned about spinning the wheels and over reving but wet setups also have more downforce and different gearing generally.

    Some races take longer than others for the same percentage distance, I'm not sure how this tallys up with the circuits that seem to run out of fuel more quickly but maybe there is a correlation. (spa ~ 1h 24mins, instalbul ~ 1h 31mins)

    One of my friends on gfwl told me that if you run for 18laps on standard in a 100% race you can run the rest of race on fast and not run out of fuel - not exactly science but may be of use to you.
  11. Yup I rekon getting out the bunkers, especially at Monza must burn a good lap of fuel! They are lethal on that track!