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74' Chevrolet C-10 Slammed

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by AMGfan(BPM), Apr 2, 2010.

  1. This is my gift to you. Model by our brazilian friends, car is the brazilian Chevy C10 like this:


    Stock, it has 6-inline 4.3L with 153hp, always RWD. My slammed has new suspension system, fixed, not hydraulic or something like this, Brushed Iron wheels 16" stock with goodyear tires, 68' Vette 427cu-in big-block OHV, 7.0L 16V, 500 hp @ 5400 rpm, 628 Nm @ 3600 rpm / PowerGlide 2 A/T transmission. 850lbs. Clutch, good performance set.

    Performance: 0-60 mp/h: 6.6s, 1/4: 14.7s. top 125 mp/h.

    Weight: 2460kg.

    4-colors available (original).

    *For Non-cg and CG users.

    Well, overall is a nice car to ride calm around polish or something like this, cause it has no disc brakes by factory. But is funny to burn some rubbers, you need only to learn how to drive and learn how the transmission works. I like this kind of car :D

    thanks for Tiago Navochadla, francomk for sounds.

    hope everybody enjoy.

    mirror1: http://www.mediafire.com/?ijmizmmmgzn

    mirror2: http://www.speedyshare.com/files/21733008/Chevrolet_C10_74.rar


    UPDATE Light beams

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  2. You are the man AMGfan =D Thank you.
  3. Love it! It drives nice, the handling is just as one would expect, the sound is like a drum, it looks good and.. I just love it.. thanks AMGfan! And, btw.. finally found out who the bootlegger on Badlands Rev. is ;) Tribute to AMGfan.

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  4. Once again, really awesome ride. Thank you AMGfan
  5. Cheers AMGFan , great truck. I love the white wall tyres and the fact its just over the top american
  6. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    WoW Tom, realy nice work! THX
  7. Nice car, but this car not fully support Racer 0.8.8
  8. i use non-cg 0.6.3.. i dont know how it is in newer ones. btw i forgot little thing, light beams!

    here and in first post i attatched an update ini.

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  9. Works fine with non-cg - in fact it works so good that it inspired me to make a new section on Gizmo's Trail: The Rockys! Great for the truck, and ideal for bootlegging.. heh..

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  10. Lol, thanks mate, looks impressive this track! wanna try later!
  11. Planned released for Racer's 10th anniversary.. but I will need feedback before that, so I will make a pre-release as soon as all the roads are connected and more buildings are in place. So, everyone will get to try it.. it's huge, it's fun, it's for Racer :)
  12. i can be a beta tester, of sure. No problems to me :D
  13. Ok, sure, no problem, and thanks! I'll PM you as soon as it is ready for testing. And for sure, try the 74' Chevrolet C-10 on this track.. it literally make love to it ;)
  14. Wow, love this Chevy. Only problem I had was being on a Mac I had to change all the \ to / in the sound files to get sound.
  15. Polish Roads 2.a
    The best track for Racer
  16. Am I the only one that doesn't think this truck is very good at all? I mean cmon its got a 427, and it just takes off, with what looks like at the widest 8" tires. I looked into the car.ini and I think the CoG is too far back really (a truck like this would have almost all of its weight on those front wheels, unless it was loaded in the rear as well, hence why some people that drive pick ups will in the winter time put some kind of weight in the back end of the thing). I never even took it around corners before I decided it needed tweaking, because I also felt the faked automatic in it, wasn't very good either, along with tweaking the entire truck, because I felt it was not really that realistic. Though, it does have a good body model and all the textures look good, and the interior is great.
  17. Obviously. You might be right about the tweaks, but I really like it the way it is, and, to me it seems realistic. But then again, it has been quite some time since I drove a truck, so I might be way off. Who cares, it is fun to drive, and looks really good. But if you have a better tweak, please share :)
  18. I actually agree with you. I mean the truck itself looks amazing, but the car doesn't feel like it has 500hp/628nm imo.
  19. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hi Tom, i tried to add CG- shaders to him...but looks not so good...what do you think?
    screenshot224..jpg screenshot225..jpg