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6870 Textures and Objects "Pop-ups" problem?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Paul Hamwa, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. I'm wondering if anyone else has the same problem I have with the 6870.

    Ever since upgrading from a 4850, I have extreme pop-up textures even at close range, most notably with the GTR Evo series by Simbin, other games have the same problem but less extreme. Trees textures are also affected, they have an opaque background until I get close and then they appear normal with a transparent background. Whole sections of the crowds disappear and reappear and so on. And in general large and small objects all over the place are popping in and out, making it impossible to concentrate on the race.

    The strange thing is the only thing that seems to partially remedy the problem is activating Super-Sampling in the CCC, Multi-sample and Adaptive Multi-sample produce these extreme pop ups. I'd like to find a solution as Super Sample kills frame rates, and I don't have a very powerful CPU so it would be good to be able to use the lower settings.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. :)


    I would upload a video to youtube, but I don't know how?:confused:
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Have you loaded up the latest drivers since putting in the new card? Not necessarily the ones that came on the disk, but the latest you can download from ATI?
  3. Yeah I did, I'm using the 11.1

    I had first 10.12 drivers installed just before. They did the same thing though.

    I think I might of made a mistake like a noob, I installed the new card before uninstalling the old 4850 drivers. I then found out that was wrong and I did the safe mode etc and driver sweeper to clear the registry and uninstalled all ATI stuff. I even followed a tutorial that explained how to delete all ATI registry entries by hand, which I did, and I found a few 4850 keys as well. Once I had done all that I then reinstalled the 6870 ATI drivers from the website.

    Don't know if there's a more thorough way of uninstalling everything and anything ATI???

    I'm kind of thinking this is a system reinstall even though I didn't really even want to contemplate that :(
  4. Sorry for rambling here, but if anyone with a 6870 could tell me if these are just problems I'm having or is this a general problem. I somehow can't imagine that this fairly high end card has such appalling issues with new games like Race On?
  5. Do I need to do the whole safe mode thing or can I just run Revo and reinstall CCC and the video driver?

    The freeware version says not fully Windows 7 64bit compatible? Should I just download the pro trial?
  6. Well I reinstalled and now Multi-sample works at least, not the nicest looking setting though. Adaptive still has all the popping up unfortunately. Maybe it's just a Simbin thing as this happens on all the converted tracks for Netkar that came from GTR2...
  7. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    Try a driver roll back.

    Sometimes newer drivers are still buggy, and i`ve always hated ATI drivers for that very reason (nVidia Fanboy).

    Although, at the moment, ATI cards are turning out to be better than nVidia at the mo.
  8. I thought about a driver roll back, but which one? I had the same problems before.

    I've been reading up a little and it seems that it's the game that maybe doesn't support Adaptive Multi-sample AA. It says somewhere that Adaptive decides when to use Multi or Super-sample depending on the textures present. As I haven't heard from anyone using a 6870 with Adaptive Multi-sample on GTREvo/RaceON, I guess I'll just assume it doesn't work properly in those games...

    Thanks everyone for all the input