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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Sep 10, 2010.

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  1. Wait for the image to load...
  2. Half of the seasson gone... thread open!
  3. This will be my 2nd and last race of the seasson (I am scheduled as a reserve for two more races), I hope will be more fortunate than Sugo.
    I love this track.
  4. Weather is up!
  5. server too, did some laps and gather we will see some interesting lines as there are no cutting rules other than the in-game marshalls, who are rather lenient at times but quite strict in other places. love the track, nice flowing rhythm.
  6. I will be racing this time.
  7. Im back up driver :phone:

  8. David, I know you and Xose won't like this, but looks like backup driver von Glan will have to climb into that hot seat again. Our No2 driver has gone missing in action.
  9. Then maybe I will take the mic this time ;)
  10. good to know, you save my day, try to contact Dragos, he did a great job, too.
    I will definitely have to be on the grid, noone else available (Race On has gone out of fashion dramatically, time for SimBins new GT title, eh?)
    That said, I will of course have a superb time on this brilliant track, somewhere between pos.24 and 26 :)
  11. Possibly early to anounce and not in an official way, but we already made a deal with a rF2 modding group, so we will look to be one of the first competitions doing the switch.
  12. yeah that is good news. Now we only need the game :)
  13. So, ahead of me then :wink:
  14. @Michael: laugh of the day, nice one! I wonder if the guys at Lotus, Virgin and Hispanic exchange mails like this, lol.
  15. Na, something tells me they are not quite so laid back as we are.
  16. Thought already i saw WSGT2 banner on the site. ;)
  17. And that'll be me in p. 25 LOL!

    I think we will have some fun at the back, right Eck?

    Edit: No briefing yet BTW? When exactly does the event start? As we are in winter-time now I would hate to miss it because of something silly like that! LOL!
  18. Official practice should still start at 20:00 CET with race start at 21:00 CET.
  19. ... and a new pc:frown:
  20. gggrrrrrr
    bad seasson for me, last race I was stopped by quicksand, now after only 10-15 minutes of race there was a car stopped on the curb in the breaking point of T1, I was not able to see it cause the car in front of me, ... my car destroyed.
    :mad: :thunder: :mad:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.