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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, May 16, 2011.

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  1. Wait for the image to load...

    TIME May, Thursday 19 - 20:00 CET
    CIRCUIT Bahrain STC Version
    WEATHER Changeable. Check website for the forecast


    30 minutes Practice
    10 minutes Qualification
    20 minutes Warm Up
    90 minutes Race

  2. cool, thx for helping me decide which out of our two Dorans to pick for Thursday :)
  3. Looks gorgeous.

    I can't wait for this race, specially with the fact that rain in Bahrain is possible. (well evrything is possible in STC) :p
  4. Looking forward, nice poster by the way.
  5. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    RPM are wheeling the big guns out for this race :D Good luck all be afraid... be very afraid :wink:
  6. find myself in the corner of the Blue Flag pit, cringing in naked terror and fear, lol.
    Just saw the FDR times on STC server, they certainly have some hot guns out there, too...
  7. But won't guns be useless if they get to hot? :p
  8. Lol,thx Eckhart.
    But keep it quiet please. :)
  9. Well... just wait till they see the killer line-up BFR has planned for this evening...
  10. mmmh, looking at our quali times, they won't have been too impressed, lol. Man that track was slippery, lost it coming out of almost every turn.

    and by now I know, why: I was on hards, how silly, forgot to check before super pole (ah, the nerves) :)
  11. Well, that was depressing. Of course I didn't expect to be fast here, but I never expected to be that slow... I was about 9 seconds slower than the fastest driver. That is humiliating lol!

    So I figured I'd try to stay close to Eckhart for the race, so we wouldn't feel too alone and just try to finish the race and score at least some points. Then of course the disconnections started.

    Shame about that, still it was a good race I think so thanks to the organizers and congratulations to the podium to be!
  12. Such a shame we had a red flag for the race today. Was really hoping to have FOs first formation finish. Another time perhaps.

    Managed to take pole but was a long way off my PB. Just couldnt get the butterflys to fly straight...but cant complain with pole.

    Eventfull start...Down to p7 by t1...not really going to plan I thought. Managed to claw my way back to 3rd by the end of lap 1.

    Had a nice scrap with Marcin for 2 laps, before I managed to edge away. Unfortunately the close fighting over the first 5 or so laps had taken its toll on my car and I'd lost the pace advantage, because of damage, that I knew I had after quali and warmup.

    Managed to stay close with Mikko for the rest of the race, then on our second scheduled stop I made a slightly better stop and came out in front. We werent racing each other, as we know STC is a team event. Mikko kindly told me "you take it", and we continued our consistent pace as before.

    Unfortunately our formation finish was taken away when a bunch of people got DCd and the race was red flagged.

    Overall the race did not go exactly to plan for me personally, but for the team we couldnt of had a better result.

    Thanks Mikko, was a pleasure to race with you for the first time in FO. I think we showed what we can do today. On the day I was lucky to get away with p1, it could and perhaps should have been yours.

    Grats to our Club team who put in good result. I know Dave you were about to make your strategy pay just as the race got red flagged and your final result doesnt do you justice.

    Grats to Patrick on your debut, you did us proud....I told you you would love it.

    Congrats to Marcin for p3 and grats to everyone racing as always was a great event, just a shame it ended as it did.
  13. Patrick Weir

    Patrick Weir

    Hi to all the STC staff and Drivers ,

    Well i would just like to give my thanks to everyone across at FO to many to mention ,
    But special thank's to David, Mike, Mikko for all the help and team work you have given.

    Well done everyone that raced today & good luck for the next one.

    Thank's for this drive guys it was a lot of fun indeed.
  14. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    Nice race to watch at the start. Don't really know what happened to Mike, but it looked like some contact. I was very happy to see him recover and get after Mikko. And Tyler Scurlock once again puts in a top notch performance for FCR, very nice. And also really good to see COR's #1 driver Marco Guilto back out on the grid, don't think we've seen him yet this season.

    Also, good job to Reggie Blain. We at Torrent really don't have the car figured out, but he put in a really solid drive for us once again. Shame about what happened to Ethan though, as he was already up a few spots before he blew his engine.

    See you guys at Most. I'll be doing the mid-season report after that round.
  15. congrats Mike and Mikko, good performance both of you

    sorry Mike for tap on start, good that you recover quickly, i think you oversleep a little bit start?? and i have perfect reaction on green signal, tried to pass you without a touch but my reaction on wheel was not as fast as on throttle.... this cost me little front aero damage, my bad, my penalty, lost some top speed in 1 lap of 90 min race... it pays back for you, i was little nervous becasue of that, and cant get my rythm from beggining....

    i was way off pace yesterday, dont know why, in quali and also in race about 0.5 s per lap, sometimes you are just slower than in practise without a reason .... but thats racing i think :)
  16. Marco has been involved in a prestigious Italian League where he was called to replace a retired pilot in mid-season. Although it came in mid-season, Marco fought each race also coming to the podium and finishing well.
  17. Nice race for me again after a not so nice qualifying...seems to be my constant problem the quali.

    Anyway I'll come back to the race start later. But after lap 2 my race was basically a solo run with Mike soon joining me in the 1-2 run. So that's how it went all the way with the two of us making the gap bigger and bigger to the rest of the field as the race progressed. It wasn't until the second round of pit stops that the situation changed. I didn't mind it at all because it was just my teamie who overtook me while we were in the pits. Seems like he had bribed my mechanics to do a slow job on my car. :D
    Anyway after the second pit stops the race was pretty much in the bag and then we had the disconnects one that happened to me as well.

    Now back to the start. First of all we have a big problem this season with the "Green Flag". I have said this after my every race this season but the problem remains. What happens is the STC crew gives the "Green Flag" way too late and that is why the start becomes such a hectic mess. We have to go back to how it was and give the racers the "Green Flag" early enough (I mean before the last turn) so everybody knows that when the leader goes to full speed the race is on and not when the "Green Flag" is given. You can read Marcin's post and see that when he got the Green Flag he went for it. But the rules say that you cannot pass before the finish line...which he did after he had punted Mike off the track...but was it the rules that made it happen or just Marcin being too eager? I'm also very disturbed by the behaviour of some drivers on the pace lap too. Infront of me, Marcin left 50-100m room in between him and Mike. In the rules it clearly says that's not allowed and the other thing is that the driver behind me, Dragos punted me on the pace lap. I was going on a constant pace and he just runs into me without any reason. I don't understand how a team such as RPM can make these sorts of mistakes... I mean we're like into the 6-7th season of STC and still they don't know the rules.
  18. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Sorry Mikko, but it was Mike who as fault. Dragos and Marcin both said Mike was drving at 100mph, when the pace car speed is 90. so that is way the gaps were left, as we were the ones obeying the rules. Good day :wink:
  19. being the last guy on the grid, I have to agree that the pace in the pace lap was again rather uneven, but obviously all unevenness along the string of players gets passed on to the back where it gets more and more dramatic. At times we were changing from 60 mph to 100 mph in a very short time.
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