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500 abarth ffb

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Jorge Alves, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. I want to known how to setup my g27 ffb to the 500 abarth as close as possible to the real car.

    Did you drive a real 500 abarth racing car in a real track?
    If yes what is the ffb setup (both logitech profiler and nK pro settings) that best simulates the real car in g27/25?
  2. About ffb u set in logitech profiler(IF u are playing sims with profiler):
    Options-->Set profile to the game and choose the 2nd option(U do that so every game has each own settings)

    U will create for each game diferent profile and when u name each profile u have to choose the .exe of the game.This is important for example in nkpro u choose the .nks and NOT the netKar PRO_NT.exe cause the profile will be enable when the game is running and in nkpro the .nks is running..

    So,after creating the profiles of ur games u put in each setting:
    101% (Sometimes it needs more that 100 so 101 will be ok to be sure except iracing which needs 107-someone found that needs 107 for all effects dont know if they fixed that).

    enable and 0%
    the first box ticked and 2nd not and 900 degrees
    And the last 2 boxes ticked.

    And ur good to go :D

    In NetKar PRO:
    Down to the left u have 4 bars.The grey is for FFB if its clipping(if its cliping the bar goes up and shows a little red bar).U dont want to see this little red bar except when ur going above kerbs or crash etc..So in the setup menu of each car in the FF gain u put as much as needs so when driving u see the "cliping thing" only in kerbs etc...Then u will feel as much as possible effects ;)
  3. In abarth for example i think i have the FF gain about 1200..
  4. Thanks for your answer Vaggelis but i know already how to setup G27 pretty good for nKpro :)

    My question is if anyonne who drove a real 500 abarth racing car can tell the best ffb config to make it feel like the real car.
    The way i config its the way i think it should be and im quit happpy with it ... but probably it is (or maybe is not) very different from how it should be to simulates as close as possible the real car.

    I know there should not be many sim drivers in the forum who have donne that and plays 500 abarth in nK Pro but ... doesnt hurt to try :)
  5. Oh..sry man but i drove in my life a hundai accent and an old ford mk2 :D
    Maybe asking Stefano in driving italia? I dont know how behaves a wheel in real racing car.Some have this "power steering" which eliminates or something the forces so the driver can handle the wheel more easy.But again i dont know