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50 years of Sideways

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Alastair Walker, May 11, 2011.

  1. Not sure if this should be in the "Movie" thread (thought that may just be for RBR movies) but I thought quite a few would enjoy this if they haven't seen it already. "Mod" please feel free to move it if it isn't in the right place.

    Cheers Al
  2. Great movie Al, thanks for posting it. :thumb:

    Lets keep it here in it's own post so it is not lost among all of the other Movie Posts.
  3. Throughly enjoyable movie :)
  4. Awesome. Loved the bit with Ari Vatanen borrowing a differential :D
  5. Its a good watch , especialy for a n00b like me who has just started to follow rally in the last year or 2.
  6. This video is so good, and provides such a good history of Rallying, I have decided to make it a sticky.

    It is fundamental to what the RD Rally Club is all about. :rally::thumb:
  7. Thanks Warren, I'll use this to post any others I find in my travels.
  8. This video is from one of my favourite Youtube users pages. I'm sure some of you have seen it but for the benefit of those who haven't here is amjayes version of "This is Rallying"

    Cheers Al
  9. That's another good'un Al. :thumb:

    The more I watch these Real Rally videos (especially those from the past), the more I grow to appreciate just how great Richard Burns Rally is at reproducing all of the subtle things that are part of Rallying. The car physics, the crashes, the jumps, the slides, the near misses, the tension, the frustration, the exhilaration, the nerves, the relief, and the sheer joy of completing a fast/dangerous stage. :rally::pray::love:
  10. All with out the cost of the crashes :)

    Cheers Al
  11. Excellent music, goes so nicely with the clip :)
  12. A little something to get you over the mid week hump

    Group B Monsters - tribute with Pure Engine Sounds. Thanks again to amjayes


  13. This one is a bit of light relief for those who like to think you can bash it off the banks, trees, ditches, fences and bollards and then just drive away. :tongue:

    In RL it ain't gonna happen :wink:

    Crazy Finns - Heavy Rally Crashes Best of

    As always thanks goes to amjayes and his excellent YouTube feed.

    Cheers Al
  14. Race to the Clouds - A History of Pikes Peak Hillclimb


    Cheers Al
  15. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro

    50 years of sideways, what a treat! loving the guitar solo at the end too. big respect to all the top drivers who at the end of the day are coureagous men and women travelling at outreagous fast speeds on poorly conditioned roads, inside a steel shell carrying a fuel bomb. gotta love rally
  16. pikes peak is now almost whole paved.. they can ruin everything
  17. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro

    for the ones who haven't you should check amjayes movies with 90's kitcars, now THAT is some scary sounds!