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50 flashbacks for patch 2

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by emppu, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Update: New download for patch 3 (I'm not sure if this is necessary; I don't know if the patch changed the database at all but it did reset my flashbacks to normal values when I updated)

    I edited the database file to have 50 flashbacks on each difficulty. This is for patch 2 or 3. Please backup your original file because this is my first mod and I haven't tested everything yet. I just wanted to get this out there for people like me who feel like they need or want it.
    This is based off of the other 50 flashback mod by HoiHman so thanks to him for figuring it out for the unpatched version.
    To activate replace the original database file and then change race difficulty at least once (not AI difficulty, change the one above the safety car yes/no option). You can then readjust the assists to your liking inside the difficulty menu.

    Download (Patch 2)

    Download (Patch 3)
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  2. Call Me Stupid but how do you get this to work in Carear mode???

    I cant even find the option for saftey car

    Any help would be great!!!!
  3. Go (in career), or (quick race) or (rookie test) and
    in -----(Race settings)---- change the ----difficulty level---- once.
    You will see if you go in the advanced difficulty settings
    the ARROW next to the number of flashbacks is greyed out.
    Thats all:).
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  4. Doesn't work for me, it won't start my game.
  5. updated for patch 3, maybe that was the issue zap12341 but I don't know- I'm not an experienced modder at all I'm just trying to get this out there for those who want it (like myself).
  6. Thanks for the info will give it a whirl when i get home!
  7. thanks