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488 setup redbullring?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by Dcice92, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. there is someone who could make the setup ?
  2. This is mine for my last Open, 1.29.2s with Medium tires, it could help you ... ;)

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  3. ???
  4. Sorry , file deleted , it is updated again ;)
  5. Many thanks for reupload :thumbsup:
  6. Many thanks Titi Yetifan. I am new to this website. How do I use the file you shared? do I simply try to interpret the values and reproduce them manually in the game or do i download the file somewhere specific in the game directory?
    Many thanks
  7. Hi, welcome to you ...

    you have to download the file and put it in the following directory:
    Document/assetto corsa/setup/ks_ferrari_488_gt3/ks_red_bull_ring

    You only have to charge it on the pits to use it and enjoy, i did 1.28.4s two days ago with this one
  8. Titi Yetifan: awesome!! many thanks. I tried your setup and immediately improved my laptime by 2 thenths! however, I am still at only 1.30.7... I don't know how you do 1.28... You must come from another planet... ;)
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  9. I've run more than 300 laps on this combo, try with 23 PSI front and rear you should improve your best time again :geek:

    Note: my best, 1.28.6s was done under AC 1.7.5 since last update 1.8 impossible to go so fast with this setup, 1.29.9s is my best now...
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  10. You know what I find strange.

    Real life 488 GT3 run 1:27 around Red Bull Ring.

    In all other tracks with GT3 cars video game is faster but for whatever reason real life laptimes of GT3 cars is more than second faster than aliens.

    Not just 488 GT3 but 650S GTR, AMG GT3 etc.
  11. if you are looking the rsr live world record (maybe be not the real world record)you will find the 1.27 for the redbull ring, generally i don't touch a lot the setup because each time i touch it, each time i'm slower lol but in fact you need to made hundred and hundred laps to be fast on this game and be very good at setup.
    Think the big difference between us and the alien are only the time spend on the track and the data analysis (know some guys who prepared the race like engineer) and with data analysis of course the setup !
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