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40 inches triple monitor stand

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by F40LMS, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Folks, any suggestion for a stand that can handle 3 large monitors of 40 inches? These are actually TVs of 40 inches. I found one seller in USA, above $760, before spending all this money, I would like to make sure it's my only option. Manually building one would be an option, but I need something that will be "allowed" by the wife ;)

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  3. check out 8020, more sturdy than most other stand.
    I have 3 x 42' Sony mounted to it.

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  5. I have 3 42 inch TV's for sim racing. Looked at getting a monitor stand, but at the time, the cost was nearly £800 pounds in total, to get it delivered to the UK from Europe. In the end, decided on getting 2 tables from Ikea instead. They do the job pretty well.

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  6. Hi mate

    I had the same problem, I have 3 40" LED TV's with one mounted to my rig, but finding stands for the other two was a nightmare!
    I have a GT Omega Racing cockpit and while looking for stands I just thought I'd try GTOR and see what they had...jackpot!
    They now sell single monitor stands that hold a 40" screen, its on lockable caster wheels and is nice and compact, so I bought two of them and they go great either side of my rig. They are £80 each and quick delivery!

  7. Ken Rodriguez

    Ken Rodriguez
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    I have three 30" TV's and opted to go the 2"X4" route. Building your own will save you lots of $$$ in the end and 9 times out of 10, is much sturdier.