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3x Dell U2713HM for simracing

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Kurt Vanhee, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Kurt Vanhee

    Kurt Vanhee

    Hi all,

    Like in title thread i am currently looking for a triple monitor setup for sim racing.
    Been thinking about going 120hz screens but think for sim racing this is not really needed.
    Dunno if poeple here have triple dell setup?
    Is this a good choice a triple setup for simracing or are there other things to consider.
    Help/advice is mucho mucho:) appreciated.
  2. I am currently thinking about tripple screen as well (nearly dumped it in favor for a new wheel). A couple of reasons why I would NOT choose that monitor):
    • Price (but that down to your budget)
    • Seens not to have a VESA mount (it needs to stand on its own stand, a no-go for me)
    • Resolution, it is beyond HD, you need a MONSTER GPU, or even two of them to feed 3 of them (again, budget)
    • 8 ms, my personal threshold is 5 ms
    • Bezel seem large, does it?
    • I would not have the space for it :) (maybe again budget :) )
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  3. I can't tell you yet as to triples but I have one above my iMac (see my rig in the Show your Cockpit thread) and its fantastic for gaming but so far it's just for the ps3 as the iMac is also running 2 x 23" Apple Cinema Displays (underrated awesome old screens) so I've no more ports . Seriously considering replacing my 2 iMac 23" cinema displays left and right of the iMac with the Dell's but I've only just started my research.

    A few of points on the Dell.
    1) Check ebay for prices. I got my U2713hm new from an ebay seller for 355 euro shipped UK to Ireland. Sadly he has no more but you can get a deal like that if you watch closely which is a steal.
    2) They are VESA mountable. I have mine on VESA 100 mounts on a Humansclae M8 dual crossbar arm.
    3) Don't take the ms response times as gospel (I'm not aiming at you Dietmar). Its become the equivalent of megapixels on digital cameras. There is far more to it to determine blur, overshoot, overdrive, input lag etc. Check the reviews at TFTCentral. They expose every aspect of the PR BS that pours out of some manufacturers. The U2713HM falls behind some in the important input lag tests in this respect but is better than some supposedly faster ms rated displays and you need to factor in overdrive blur comparisons in which the 2713 pulls its own weight. My iMac 27" has a 12ms input lag which is below par but frankly I play BF4 as well as Assetto Corsa & I personally don't see lag. I still kill a lot of people. You may be different. Try & see the monitors in person.
    4) You may get one with backlight bleed. If buying 2nd hand ensure it doesn't suffer from it. If buying new Dell will replace it but bear in mind possible shipping charges back to them and the PITA associated with this although they are exceptional in terms of customer service in Ireland when an issue is flagged with them. Mine was almost perfect with very little bleed.
    5) Its a matte display. This is a personal choice but having used the matte Apple 23" Cinemas where the central 27" iMac is glossy I prefer matte. If you have a light source which faces or reflects onto your monitors with glossy displays it may harm your play. No amount of fantastic black depth, eye popping colours, great contrast defeats the effect a reflection will have on monitors as you try to focus on the track ahead. Your peripheral vision may pick it up and if bad enough it can destroy your experience and frankly blind you. Its really down to your lighting & personal sensitivity to light sources & reflections.
    6) Bezels are 20mm matte which is fairly reasonable imho. The display controls & OSD are very simple yet elegant & effective (see comment on Korean panels below).

    Check out the TFTCentral review of the U2713HM (I'm not sure if I'm allowed post a link so I'll err on the side of caution, sorry).

    Just regards competitors I haven't seen many others but check reviews on youtube. If your looking at Korean panels don't just jump in at the cheapest. Many have limited inputs, are unreliable in terms of electronics (inverters etc), have no OSD at all which if you can't calibrate perfectly with software you'll end up with 3 differently calibrated panels & can look like **** in an array. As most don't use these things in triples this may not be an aspect you find in many reviews so be careful.

    Some panels are held to the chassis by sticky tape (not joking), they are A- or often B+ grade panels rejected by other manufacturers. Some get great panels, others are frankly shockingly bad. Also bear in mind if importing into the EU you may get hit for customs & VAT making them almost as expensive as A grade alternatives and returning may be impossible depending on the seller. Overclockers.net have huge threads on which are good models and who are good sellers.

    Dietmar is right regards the res. You will need a beast of a card, or cards, to run at a triple native 7680x1440. Personally I have no issue dropping the res below native, others think its blasphemy. I play BF4 at 720p single screen & Assetto at 5760x1200 triples (Cinemas at native, iMac below native) & its very very clear. Not all games are the same. When racing your not looking to snipe a guy 1 pixel in width obscured by waving trees & smoke effects as in an FPS. You want smooth transitions, low ghosting, good input responsiveness (see above for interacting aspects) and for me colour calibration which produces seamless scenery.

    If I get a chance I'll take the U2713hm down from above the iMac and replace one of the 23" Cinemas & make a recording but I've a crazy week of work ahead so I can't promise anything as yet. Will do my best. Anyone know which sites allow 60fps uploads as youtube sucks at 30fps?
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  4. Kurt Vanhee

    Kurt Vanhee

    1. Have the same tactic in mind and seen some offers like;)
    2. That i knew also
    3. Response is ok and input lag is moderate they say @tftcentral, however in comparison with other monitors there were 2 tests, so comparing is not 100% accurate.
    4. Backlight bleeding and dead pixels is what i am worried about.
    5. Yes matte seems to be preferred in regards to reflection.
    6. Removing the bezel should be ok, some youtube movies.

    As for those Koeran monitors, i have 1 since 1.5 year and very pleased with it but as for warranty that could be a huge hassle.

    Thanks Juris, great help.

    Edit: found the Asus PB278Q which is PLS monitor and has 5ms response.:confused: That does not help me decide.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2014
  5. Kurt Vanhee

    Kurt Vanhee

    Ordered me a triple Dell setup:geek:
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  6. Kurt Vanhee

    Kurt Vanhee

    Received my triple Dell U2713HM's. Perfect condition!!!!!! @349€ a piece:O_o:
  7. where did you get them from? I think here in Germany they are more than 100€ more! what kind of GPU setup do you have to feed them?
  8. Kurt Vanhee

    Kurt Vanhee

    Evga GTX580 sli and bought them in the netherlands, seller is also active on ebay.
    Excellent condition, just power cord and vga cable included, but what the hell, got more some dual dvi cables here:cool: