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3Dsimed help needed

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Kennett Ylitalo, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I'm having very strange problems with my 3DSimed. Objects keeps disappearing like they have LOD in set to ~50, even thou this is not the case and they work fine when exported from BTB. I have no idea what is causing this, i'm just stumped. So i need someone to do some cube mapping for me. The job is 11 buildings (windows and other glass surfaces) and rain reflections to the track. It'll take about 15 minutes of work...

    So please, help me, my track is ready otherwise and i only need this job done.. I know that i' ve contributed to this community more than my share and i'm effing pissed off because of this effing bug... I'm ready to punch holes in the wall or scrapping the whole thing...
  2. I'd be glad to help. Youll have to tell me how to do the cube mapping though. I have made rain reflections before so that part is easy.
    If the cube mapping is similar then I should not have any problems.
  3. Thanks for all, i got myself help already but i'll update this post if there's need.
  4. sorry I cant help Kennett but for what its worth......come on guys somebody out there help Kennett as he is one of the guys who is always helping others!!!!!!!!!
  5. Oh, thanks, i got ebrich on my team now and he's helping me now to solve this issue. I want this project to be over with so i can finally do a low level format on my HDD and get my PC fixed. I'm afraid to do that before the track is released...

    And what i now notice is that we need to do cube mapping tutorial. ;)
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  6. There's an entry for cube map in the glossary of the tutorials site:

    It's not a step by step tutorial but I reckon there's enough info there to explain what to do.
  7. Only real problem that everyone has is that the shaders are so cryptic... And for that i haven't found any info.