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3dsimed destroys my grass/background blending ??

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ed_jza80, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. heya folks...

    ok, im a 3dsimed learner, and after exporting my track out of BTB im getting the hang of using 3dsimed to modify the shader properties of my tress so they look less sh1t once i finally get them into rFactor


    3dsimed also seems to like to tamper with my grass and terrain (without me touching them!), destroying all of the transparency blending that ive done previously in BTB. ive tried a few times to save the 3dsimed output into a separate folder, and only copy/overwrite the gmt files of the tress i want to modify, thus trying to leave my grass blending unharmed, but that doesnt seem to work, the tress remain unchanged... im obviously not moving the right files, or not enough of them anyway!

    any tips on how to get 3dsimed to tweak the tress i want, and leave my grass unmolestered?

  2. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    are you importing the SCN file?

    If so, is there a reason your doing so and not just opening the GMT file of the trees your tinkering with?
  3. nope, not playing with the scn file... just the gmt files

    ive got a piece of paper im writing down a massive pile of ojbect file numbers for, and im slowly working through them. i think ill get there, i may have been mis understanding the file name allocations. well see. hopefully i can streamline this a bit!
  4. oh hang on.... you mean importing the .scn file INTO 3dsimed? yes, thats what im doing, and editing the objects within it.

    i figured it was better to do it that way, as ive got some 11000 objects, and dont want to edit them individually. i assume 3dsimed allows you to modify the texture associated to an object, then applies modification of that texture to ALL objects carrying that texture? i should be able to then copy all 1000's of thos modified texture objects back over into the rfactor folder?
  5. ok so.... i gave up being specific! after modifying in 3dsimed i exported all objects out of 3dsimed into a separate folder. then i copied across EVERYTHING from that folder that DIDNT appear to be related to ground/terrain into my rfactor folder, overwriting the original .gmt files there. i got lucky i guess, and seems to have worked