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3ds objects and textures. problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by DmitryRUS, May 6, 2010.

  1. Hello. make objects in 3D max, export to 3ds format, but when imported into XPacker not find textures, it is necessary to specify yourself. How to make that would XPacker found himself texture?
  2. The textures have to be in the same folder as the .3ds file. Also make sure the width and height of the images are powers of 2.
  3. all in the same folder 3ds and dds, does not determine Xpacker (
  4. Very easy to fix. You just have to edit the XML file to point it to the correct location of the texture file.
  5. And where can I get the XML file? when you export 3ds XML file no (
  6. When you import things into XPacker, XML files are generated and placed within the BobsTrackBuilder\XPacker\XPacks folder.
  7. Privet! I'm pretty sure you can import the textures separately after you import the object, it's just a bit confusing finding what goes where because of the naming system. But in all, it should work properly if the dds are in the same folder as the 3ds.
    You could also open the 3ds up in simed to see if they are working properly

    Just a thought, are the textures mapped properly to the mesh?
  8. Thank you friends that have responded, but I already figured out everything. Name texture shall not exceed eight characters, and textures I have called the long names on this 3ds they could not see.