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3Ds Max setting materials

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by DmitryRUS, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone.
    I have a few questions about how the materials for export to the dof of 3Ds max.
    1) adjusting transparency (trees, fences)
    2) Setting up of export Sky. (limited range of drawing Sky sphere)

    3) Why the buttons do not work
  2. Somebody can help me with the materials and the automatic generation of shader 3D max?Many objects, BTB can not, set flags for objects.
  3. Difficult to understand the question... Any 3DSMax users who can figure the true meaning?
  4. I want to know, control of materials with transparency and the texture image on two parties of one range (trees, fences).
  5. There is no practical lesson of control in 3ds max of shaders.
    It would be very desirable to see.

    I have a problem. It is a lot of objects of vegetation. And how to adjust shaders with export from 3ds max I don't know.

    and it isn't clear to me why buttons are blocked in export.
  6. Adjusting transparency for trees, fences etc. in Racer are not done within 3DSMAX but in the tracks shader-file and the alpha channel of the texture.
    Look at the shaders of other tracks and build one yourselves, it's not that difficult.
    I don't use an automatic shader generator (didn't even know one existed)

    I don't use BTB so I can't help you with that.
    But you can set the flags pretty easy in Tracked.
  7. Yep, just look through the carlswood track in TrackEd, and the track.shd file, and just look at the settings used there to get an idea of how to adjust settings in your files.

    It'd help if you tried to keep the thread to one problem at a time.

    Try with just the trees/fences/transparency. What exactly have you done, and what isn't working?

    If you have 3DS Max, avoid BTB. Just don't even begin trying to use BTB as no one here bar Quad Core Max seems to use it... and from his last report on how he uses BTB > Racer it's more complicated than just using 3DS Max to start with hehe!

    Also the CTR you are using to export stuff doesn't seem finished to me. Using Some1 DOF tool is more intuitive, though a bit slower. However, Some1's tool doesn't split smoothing groups which is a pain. If he gets time hopefully he'll update it but for now you need to split your mesh hard edges before export!