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3D ?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Oops, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Hi all anyone know how to get the 3D working/ I have a samsung 3d tv and thought Id try the 3d to see what its like but when I go into the options and click on the 3d tab it justs makes a silly noise and nothing happens, cant figure it out :confused:
  2. Sure i saw a section in the manual re 3d. didnt read it as it doesnt apply to me. might be a good place to start though
  3. I have the normal version and the manual is Spartan to say the least, but there's nothing about 3d in the manual.
  4. Just to notice - first you need HDMI cable 1.4 for 3D data transfer!
  5. How can you tell which type of hdmi cable you have? :)

    its ok when I turned on my ps3 this morning it updated itself for 3D (strange, but I'm not complaining)
    haven't tried it yet though :tongue:
  6. There is a manual in game when the game first loads.
  7. I have a Samsung 3D TV also but mine works fine. When you turn on the 3D in the settings page and click ok, does a message appear to say to turn on your 3d glasses?
  8. yeah ,pretty sure you need at least this version hdmi.