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360 Controller - Traction Control issues

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by cKunz, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Hey gents, so unfortunately I am stuck with a 360 Controller because my current living conditions do not supply the space for a wheel setup. At first, using a controller for Assetto is a nightmare, the car constantly turns even with deadzone at max. It's bad but playable, the real issue I'm running into is the throttle, on cars that are original to the game, it works fine. But any car that I download from a mod website, are useless. If I enable traction control, the car won't move, if I disable traction control, the car spins, and spins, and spins. It's like the trigger on the controller is acting as a button, there is no subtlety. Is there anyway to fix this? Again original cars work fine with TC and without. But custom cars feel like they have no throttle control.
  2. Metalogic


    Is it just in AC that it does this or have you tried in other sims (if you have any - I guess you could try in the base free version of RaceRoom Experience)?

    I have similar space issues, so am using an XBox One Elite controller in R3E, you have to be delicate with the controls, but the cars do.react to the controls as one would expect. I don't have AC, though, so can't compare how the controller would work in that.

    Have you looked online to see what settings for the XBox 360 controllers others are using in AC?

    You shouldn't have to max out the dead zone settings, in R3E I have just 5% dead zone on the steering and 1% on throttle and brake (probably don't even need that) and the steering doesn't turn on its own at all.
  3. Metalogic


    BTW are you running Windows 10? Microsoft broke something in the last XBox controller driver update in February and the XInput to DInput map-through doesn't work properly, or something like that - this made some games, such as Euro Truck Simulator 2, unplayable with my controller until I rolled back to a driver version from early 2015, now it's fine. I don't know when Microsoft are going to fix this properly, though.
  4. I'm on 8.1, I won't dare update to 10 with all the problems it has. I use my controller for PCars and Shift 2 and I don't have anywhere near the amount of issues that AC brings. But the weird thing is, is that it's ONLY with custom vehicles. The cars that come with the game work fine, with traction control and without. It's only when I try to drive a downloaded custom vehicle that I either drive with no traction control (almost impossible with a controller) or I can't move. The car tries to accelerate but it just stutters because the traction control is killing the power to the wheels.
  5. So the only way I've found a way around the problem is that I'm not using my Ps4 controller. Acutally works better, still not perfect but I'm not having the throttle issue anymore