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3 USB Controller Limit

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by stefaandk, May 14, 2014.

  1. I'm aware that the 3 USB controller limit is something inherited from rFactor's gmotor engine but I wanted to ask Reiza if this is at all able to be increased given Reiza's track record of getting the most out of this engine in every way possible.

    I understand there are workarounds like xpadder, hell I even suggested it myself to people asking about how to get more than 3 controllers working in rFactor but there is a catch with this which is that not only is the limit 3 controllers, it's also the "first" 3 controllers detected and listed in game devices which are used.

    This means that if you are unfortunate enough to have the list ordered in a way that either your pedals of wheel are below the number 3 position you're in trouble.
    Some USB devices also seem to be dead set on being in a certain position in the list, I personally have the following devices:

    T500 Wheel
    CST Pedals
    TH8RS Shifter
    Frex Sequential Shifter
    DSD Button Box.

    The button box for example always wants to be on top no matter what after booting up the pc, the Frex shifter also wants to be in position 2 or 3, now I can work around this by opening the device manager and uninstall the USB device in device manager, then simply replug the button box and it will then reinstall itself as the last device appear at the bottom of the list, then use xpadder and all good I can have my button box available in GSC.

    Sure works every time but this is a real pain and I need to do this every single time after booting my PC. It's very unclear as to why this happens as on my previous hardware I was lucky enough to have the order be fine to not worry about it ever but on my newly rebuilt PC it just won't stick to the order I want.

    So it's more of an open question/feedback to Reiza being one of those things that plagues us simracers and I can't possibly imagine being the only one. The 3 controller limit trivial as it may sound would be extremely convenient if it could at all be increased for us multiple device hungry simracers.

    Other than that, love your work.

    Thank you.
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  2. Lazarou


    I might be wrong but i think it is because it is a XP based program and as such there is no chance.
  3. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    I have yet to properly try this, and it may be a bit of a pain to set up.. But there is Vjoy (easy to google) and Universal Joystick Remapper URJ. Together they can do the trick.

    You can create virtual joysticks with Vjoy, and map actual controller functions to these devices with UJR. Each device has up to 8 axis and 32 buttons, I don't think many rigs have more than 24 axis / 96 buttons so in theory.. that should work..

    urj http://www.autohotkey.com/board/topic/89279-ujr-universal-joystick-remapper-using-vjoy/
  4. I tried vjoy after building my new PC for this exact issue but didn't get much joy with it, I never got my axis based devices to work, a pain to setup is putting it mildly as well but that's probably more my problem than the tool.

    My current workaround does work and I run 2 installs of GSC, one for my 8 Speed shifter and one for my sequential one, it's not the most elegant solution so I thought I'd ask the question.
    Maybe one day someone will program a utility for windows that basically lets you reorder USB devices but I guess it's a first world problem that really doesn't impact a whole lot of people, other than the gmotor games I can't really think of any scenario at all even where this is an issue.

    Here's hoping that Reiza will use the rFactor 2 engine going forward assuming it can be upgraded to a graphics technology that isn't 10 years old but most importantly visuals that allow for a decent frame rate. Would love to see those physics put to work in what Reiza does best, an actual polished and finished series of cars and tracks but I digress.
  5. Every controller has a VID/PID string (much like a "serial number") associated with it in registry. This string cannot be changed, and Windows orders the controllers based on it. So, if your game engine cannot filter this and relies solely on Windows, you're stuck without options other than unplugging the controllers you don't want to use when playing a particular game, or using some kind of virtual joystick solution.

    EDIT: actually, this string can be tampered with (I've done it once) but this may lead to bad driver behavior in some particular cases.
  6. Based on that concept of the ID string it's still very bizar how consistently inconsistent this is.

    Consistent in the way that if I have all my USB devices enabled (I use a HUB with on/off switches on each port) it will always load the USB devices in the same order which is not my desired order.

    Inconsistent in the way that I can then remove the USB device by uninstalling it in Device manager, then re enable it on the HUB yet this time it will drop to the bottom of the list so this trick gets me the order I want.

    Yet when I then reboot the PC again I'm back to square one where things just get placed into the same undesired order again.

    You would hope that once I have the order set to my liking by deleting the device and adding it again it would stick with this order on next reboot but nope.

    And I tried so many things to hopefully find a way that I can somehow get the order how I want, use different hubs, different USB ports on the PC itself, mix the USB3 and USB2 ports in assumption that they have their own priority in the list but all to no avail, it seems the actual device itself tells the system what it wants to be upon initial boot and only when already in the OS can you force it to be the last device by deleting/adding it.

    Until that next boot :(
  7. Yep. As I said above, Windows put the controllers based on alphabetical order of PID/VID, which is a string in registry. If you uninstall/reinstall during a Windows session, it will become the last until the next boot, when Windows will reorder everyone based on PID/VID again.
    Only way to change this is to edit PID/VID. There is an utility on Internet that allows this, I've done it before (Windows XP), but I wouldn't recommend unless you really know what you're doing. If you go this way, make a backup of your keys before changing them, in case something goes wrong.
  8. Thanks for the tip, it does look like more trouble than it's worth and certainly prone to misconfiguration, I'm also running windows 8 so I'll just stick with the devil I know for now and hopefully one day there will be a more elegant solution to this.
  9. http://www.xpadder.com/

    try this, I have the 2x DSD Button Box, G25, Renovatio Display,

    I use this with no problems
  10. I user xpadder already which indeed allows me to map more than 3 USB devices in gmotor engine games but the problem isn't purely the number of devices, it's the number of devices AND the order of them.
    So if you're unlucky enough to have one of your analog devices in the USB list outside of the top 3 xpadder doesn't really help. In which case you need to get the order right first and only then can one get the benefit from xpadder, in my case to allowing me to map my DSD button box which is number 4 on the device list.
  11. I have the same problem and it's really frustrating.
    With the new AccuForce wheel due soon I will end up with another USB device for the buttons on the wheel and i'm already at a loss as to how to run all I need / want.

    Currently I have
    DPD Buttons
    SLI-Pro display
    HE Pro Pedals
    Fanatec CSW V2 Wheel

    The Wheel is always at the bottom of the list.

    Soon I will have...
    DPD Buttons
    SLI-Pro display
    HE Pro Pedals
    Accuforce Pro Wheel
    J32 Sym-projects buttons on wheel

    I find it very odd that a game like GSC which is fairly new can only cope with the 3 USB game devices... It really is a big deal TBH and need sorting somehow.
  12. I had a SRH custom dash made for my T500 and once installed i lost my CSP's.
    I installed URJ and vjoy and after the initial working out what the hell was going on i am
    running the following all at the same time.With all buttons programed and functioning on all devices.
    T500 wheel
    TH8a shifter
    DSD sequential Shifter
    SRH Custom dash.
    So trust me when i say its well worth investing the time in especially considering the programs are free.

  13. Please Reiza resolve this issue. :(
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