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2WD vs. reality

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ondrej Kapal, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. I was just wondering how close are 2WD cars in the RSRBR2011 close to the real ones according handling?
  2. the handbrake turns are not the best made, because to drift the car you have to pull handbrake and press throtle, which is not exacly the same in real.
  3. Well you can't actually drift the FWD car at all ;).
    Interesting question, I never saw anyone looking at FWD cars in particular analyzing the realism.
  4. you can at least in this game :D just get up the speed, use handbrake and turn... then countersteer to do a drift, but remember to be still on the throttle all the way and dont stop pulling handbrake! then the car behaves like RWD and you can do drift with enough power :) this is how the Japanese drift the FWD car and here it works also...

    I found very unrealistic handling generally, when turning and you pull the throttle, you wont turn, with throttle you will got outside ... cant do any sharper turn
  5. Well, FWD tends to understeer when on power. I found it realistic enough, i.e. terrible to drive in general :p (with a small exception of less powerful cars driven for pure recreation).

    In reality I'd love to drive the 206XS, C2R2 or even A7-class Astra GSi. Hell, I'd take a Cinquecento :D. But in RBR it doesn't work for me.
  6. Both FWD and RWD cars in RBR are very realistic.

    Weather you use the handbrake or like me you left footbrake in a front wheel drive you can slide (drift) the car. On power and turning in a FWD car you will understeer, remember that if you are spinning the front wheels with the throttle you wont have traction, you need to balance the wheel spin. This is where diff settings can make a BIG difference for a FWD car. FWD, RWD or 4WD i don't care, I love them all in real life or the game.

    My biggest issue is with the RWD cars not having a handbrake, I always go off at the juctions without it.
  7. Appart from the lack of handbrake in RWD cars, there's nothing special in the physics of 2WD compared to 4WD cars. Which means, in loose surfaces, they handle pretty realistically, and on tarmac they do not behave specially good (as Eero, the physics coder himself, said in some interview, he was not very happy with the tarmac tire model, but had no time to improve it before the game release).

    Of course, realism is also dependent on whether each car was created with a suspension geometry and weight distribution according to the real life counterpart (the first is easier to do, the second not so, so most vehicles probably have it wrong, some more than others).
  8. You can, if you have limited slip differencial it is possible to make a corner sideways, maybe not as nice as in 4WD or RWD. It just need good car, good driver (p.e. Jean Ragnotti)
  9. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    What? Even I can take my BMW Mini sideways!
    2nd gear full throttle, jerk the wheel into a sharp turn, quickly let go off the throttle and off I go sideways..
    For sure not as nice, smoky and smooth as in a high powered RWD car, but FWD cars certainly can oversteer a lot.
  10. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Going sideways is not drifting in my book. Yeah, I also did slide around in the winter in the 40hp-box, but that's as close to drifting as knitting is, come on. I push the shopping cart sideways all the time, but it ain't a drift. My simple definition, Initial D-inspired one, means that drift needs to be power-initiated (or rather controlled) and the car has to be accelerating/keeping the speed while doing so. Kind of a no-can-do in the FWD machinery, since the slide always loses speed and the diff locking means understeer.
  11. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro
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    'nuff said for the above.
    plus i find the RWD cars in RBR as VERY tail-happy. i haven't touched the setup, maybe there's something odd with the standard one. it happens sometimes that i get rid of RSRBR just to play with the original cars of the original game, those are the ones i trust the most still.
  12. Its a problem with the way the RWD cars have to be made in RBR. There is no model for RWD so they use a FWD base, turn the body, make the rear wheels steer and the front wheels not. Give it 5-6 reverse gears and one forward and there you have it........................lol. It means that in the setup the front wheel setting change the rear wheel and the rear wheel settings change the front.

    The issue I have found is sometimes the setting are reversed. If you swap the front and back settings you should find the cars staight away more drivable. It is not the case for all of them but for the M3 and Renault 5 turbo i have found it is an easy fix.
  13. dont tell me this isnt drifting


    "Drifting is a controlled movement sideways, and in my book this is! :)"
  14. If there is one thing I have learned from my times on automotive forums, is not to get involved in debates over oil brands and FF drifting. :D
  15. No debate.............Penrite is the best;)