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Skins 2K Countach Mega Pack - 20 skins 1.1

2K versions of the mega pack

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    Countach Mega Pack - 20 skins 2K - 2K versions of the mega pack

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  2. Should I use the 2k or 4k version if I'm running triple screens at 5760x1080? I'm thinking the 2k version?
  3. I would try the 4k. The worst that can happen is you will get a warning during a race that says 99% CPU Occupany. If that happens then use 2K :)
  4. But 5760x1080 is basically 1920x1080x3 so wouldn't 2K make more sense?
  5. I think I'll stick with 2K for now, if I notice blurry textures in replays then I'll try 4K.
  6. Even if your resolution is not 4K you can still see a difference. A lot of times I will just have my most favorite skins that I drive with in 4K and the rest of the field in 2K. But unless you are making screenshots you will only notice with replay cameras that are close to your car like hood cam and tire cam. Have fun!
  7. Also, you may already know this but you can repeatedly hit F1 or F2 or F3 durring replays to cycle through addition cameras. I forget which is what but one will cycle through driver/car cameras one will randomize the tv cameras and I think F1 will randomize between them all as you watch your laps :)
  8. Could you post some comparison screen shots?
  9. Sure, here's an example of 4k vs 2k.
    File size for these are roughly 17MB vs 4MB.

    Click on the image to view at 100%.

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  10. Okay thanks; quite a big difference when looking at these screen shots. I wonder if I'll notice it in game.