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27" PLP setup with laptop lcd replacements working

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Nicholas Chong, May 10, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, hope this might help anyone looking for a PLP setup with 27" 2560x1440
    i have the imac 27" which i connect to my pc as a display.
    to flank them i use 15.4" 1440x900 laptop lcd replacements, they fit perfectly and more over the bezel is super thin. thinner than any other screens. almost non existant. Of course there will be some colour differences but the controllers allow you to adjust the colours like a regular display so hopefully that will get you close to your 27" screen. My apartment is small hence a plp setup works best. otherwise i would have gone triple 27". only gripe is finding a way to mount the monitors . i have them rested on my bose speakers and held in place with blutack like sticky stuff. bought them off ebay, called black magic.
    to connect the lcd screens to the computer i bought this
    just tell them the model of lcd you're using and they program it for you. you will also need a psu unit. everything costs about £100 per lcd.
    i run windowed mode with title bar compensation on iracing and softth works with pcars. windowed mode and shiftwindows app works for all other codemasters racing games. I'll post more pictures of the rig when i have time. BF3 works great too in windowed mode and shiftwindows to hide the title bars.

    Displays: 27" imac + 2x 15" 1440 x900 laptop replacement screens
    Display Config: PLP
    GPU: sapphire hd 7870
    Processor: i5 2500k
    Case: silverstone sg05

    other gears:
    fanatec gt3 rs with roso f1 steering, mimo imo 7" monitor running ispeed, rev burner running Defi tachometer with green pre warning shift lights and red shiftlight warning.
    fanatec clubsport pedals and buttkicker.
  2. The only problem I'm seeing is the difference in tonal/colour balance between the screens. There's a bluish hue to both laptop screens compared to the more neutral iMac. Perhaps it's not as bad to the naked eyes as it is via the camera.
  3. yep, definitely a tonal balance between the screens, i could use the controllers onboard to adjust the colours to better match them but they will never be 100$ correct. also sitting right in the middle they look almost identical when gaming with them. at £200 this is indeed the best cheapest, space saving option for triple screens.
  4. Sorry for the reply after 2 year..
    @Nicholas Chong How do you set-up the Mimo Monitor?
    Yesterday it's arrived mine but i have a little problem, when i try to use the mimo with Sim Monitor (Symproject) or Z1 Dash it seem the mimo receive the data only one time per second
  5. mimo monitor will need displaylink software installed before you plug in the monitor.
  6. yes i know, i have already installed the displaylink driver.
    I have contacted the mimo support and today they have replied me to update the usb driver, after work i try this solution
  7. Now it Works!!!
    I tried to update the usb 3.0 driver like Mimo Support said and everything works perfectly!
  8. @Nicholas Chong Thanks to Bouib I've just come across your thread on 27" PLP setup with laptop lcd replacements and its just what I'm after.
    I have an LG 34" monitor and would love to have triple monitors but don't have the room, so your solution seems perfect for me and I was hoping you could advise me. I'm thinking of buying these laptop screens :-

    and these LCD Screen Controller Board Driver Monitor Kit :-

    would they work?
  9. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels
    Premium Member

    TN panels suck for any other viewing angle as the one it's intended for.
    From the top it looks too blue, from down posterized brown.
    But i must say it's a great setup like this.
    Should be able to calibrate the tone of the 3 so they mach better.
    Make the middle one also bit more blue.
  10. Yapci

    Premium Member

    Hi, one per lcd screen? The one already used on my pc? One new for both lcd?

    (I know this is a stupid question but...I'm that stupid!)

    This looks like a cheap and great way of having "triples" while saving space