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25% = 5 Laps+90 Flasbacks+Ai 2012

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Masterhand, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. This database, which I modified, will give:
    - 25% travel is 5 turns (with one pit stop)
    - 90 Flashbacks in all difficulties
    - IA closest to real racers (closer to what was the official championship so far), for example:
    - Less lucky for some drivers (who were unlucky this year)
    - More errors on the part of some drivers
    - But foul play drivers like Hamilton (as raced this year)
    - More possibility of mechanical failure based on the championship this year (this section even I could not check)
    - Reduction of the AI speed in low teams (eg, HRT is less likely to outperform Marussia, as happened so far in the championship)

    This mod is complemented nicely with the mod "Realistic Damage 2.0" Cromiell (as suggested in ultra-real or real).

    Important note:
    If you have not started a game will recognize the 90 flashbacks, to solve this you have two options:
    1 - create a new profile and overwrite (if you want), the first = Tested
    2 - start a new career = not tested

    Replace the game database, located in the game directory / database
    Thank Ryder, for the fantastic editor and Racedepartament for space

    25% = 5 Laps+90 Flasbacks+Ai 2012
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  2. Why would anyone need any flashbacks never mind 90? I despair. :(
  3. Guess its a matter of personal taste. I don't do any race at all with only 5 laps. Flashbacks, while its something unrealistic and not nice, i normally enable 4 flashbacks before the race in case on some unfair penalty happens. But AI close to real racers is something very interesting :thumbsup:
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  4. The AI Sounds interesting but only 5 laps? that is probably not enough laps to catch up to 1st if you start 10th. I use the custom database file mod and on just intermediate if I start out at 10th it takes around 3-4 laps just to get in 1st place and I am usually 1-2 seconds faster then the cpu on most of the tracks.
  5. Hello! Help me please, what you need to modify the database, and how the "flashback" to increase the number! I want to do my version of the game was just a regular flashbacks 50x version (data file), but I totally do not access this ****. Would be a good picture, and a little simple explanation of how and with what to do and with what program it.
  6. Wow, 90 flashbacks. It is everyones personal choice of course, but I find it hard to imagine using 90 flashbacks, and in such a short race! Takes away the risk of the moment surely? I mean, this is F1, it is supposed to be about taking a risk into each turn, being the fastest despite driving on the very edge, and getting only one shot at it - so 90 flashbacks defeat the point of playing, don't they?
    Anyway, good job with the database changes, it's good to see people looking for improvements in the game :)
  7. If your a crummy driver like me then maybe you'll need em
  8. lol, I make plenty of mistakes, but it just seems funny - 90 flashbacks over 5 laps, that equals 18 flashbacks per lap! It means you can replay every turn in the race lol
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  9. It seems some would make this game more arcade than it is. :confused:
  10. What would I need to copy from this database.bin to my one to use the AI changes but not the super-short races and huge number of flashbacks?
  11. The idea with the Flashback, we obviously have reserves but presumably your driving level will determine how you are using, in my case depends on the circuit, usually with 3 me enough, but Monaco is another story ¬ _ ¬
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  12. if it sounds funny, but what really happened is to modify the file without shelter, ie first played with the 25% or 50% original, but as in every f1 leaving every year is to start over with a bad team and make at least two years to get on a good team (ZZZZzzzzzz. ......), I decided agregarles more flashback to reduce errors and thus wasting time in Career mode.
    As not satisfied with the percentage tiring (and no less laps mod on this site) add laps reduction, the problem was that a guard and make sure they were together the two options.
    For the next version I separate the options and give them one flashback in every difficulty as both criticize (just kidding, but will reduce the amount)
  13. first have to clarify for all, that are only 5 laps with 25% (I think that's the percentage of career mode), if the percentage change should have more laps (admittedly did not have the time to test this).
    And what you say friend, is relative, that with good timing and drive the reach in 2 turns (I can not be your or others).
    Either way modify the AI will be more complicated (and more tiring than complicated), I recommend you and they want to use this mod base, to copy the numbers of laps of the original database and remplacen in this (num_laps in track_model column), and the flashback (which I repeat are not required to use the 90 are supposed to be extras in case you run in races of 100%, but as I wrote down, I joined in error with the database of 5 laps) , just have to change the amount in every difficulty, in Section dificulty.
    I promise that the next version I separate these things and I correct the laps (now I have more time)
  14. I do not understand your writing, explicate clearer.
    As I understand it sucks I did. that opened to help with that way of expressing yourself?
    anyway, use the search of page
  15. I wanted to ask you how to do "flashback" mod! What and how to convert the database file, etc Érted?:)
  16. Ok, my translator seems to be going well.
    Just read what I say above, it says you have to modify
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  17. But I am curious as to which it appeared (database file), what, and how to rewrite!
  18. What difficulty is am i suppose to be on for this to work. I ask because I tried this on amateur just to see the differences in time. I tested this on the 1st track of career mode Australia and in Practice the cpu got as low as 1:28 I believe but during the Qualifying they only got 1:35.
  19. Merci masterhand mais je sais déjà modifié les database seulement je n'ai jamais trouver quel catégorie et ligne correspondes au nombre de tours donc pouvez vous m'aider svp,
  20. I've copied and pasted the file in the appropriate folder and will not start. Any solutions? Thanks!!