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Steering Wheels 24K World Champion Edition - Vettel F1 Wheel 1.0

24K And Brushed Titanium Championship Edition Wheel

  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    24K World Champion Edition - Vettel F1 Wheel - 24K And Brushed Titanium Championship Edition Wheel

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  2. Looks absolutely amazing! Thankyou for another stunning piece of work.
  3. haha that'S pretty awesome bro ! :thumbsup: thx a bunch !
  4. Haha like the wheel awesome, even though i hate Vettel it's decent job. Well done mate :thumbsup:
    The problem is that Webber will have this will too :(
  5. I Could change it so everyone has there own wheel ,,,
    But the issue is on RaceDepartment people either hate my Gutz or they are all so big headed or selfish that its impossible for me to do the things I want:(
    On about 10 Different occasions I have asked for help and advise from at least 10 Different community members who become recommended to me as being the Most skilled at the Subject I was asking about and not one Person as even Tried to Help me out what so ever and about 3/4 Times I have had people stealing my work I got asked my RD To provide proof and I did show them the Proof and nothing happened ,,,:(
    Also my Ultimate RealiZm Modz on Mediafire are showing over 4,000 Downloads but on Racedepartment are showing only 2,000 this is also strange ,,,
    But if I had to Rate Racedepartment myself ,,,
    For the amount of Modz it Awesome 5*****
    But for the Community Support this is 0
    And for the Experience of people taking your work and nothing being done to support you this is also 0 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:thumbsup:
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  6. Yeah that's a common problem here. I do my mods for the community itself but the feedback is really small amount of the overall downloads. For example my Ferrari was downloaded more than by a thousand people and still only 30 or 20 thanked me for it and 14 voted my work no more. People do like to use mods which is good but helping out the modder if there is anything problem is quite rare.

    Edit : I would like to see you do the driver specific wheel. I can even help you with it as now i have all the time this day and the next. :).
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  7. Not just the Driver specific livery it his possible to Change the settings at the same time to enable the game to read the Classics that are locked as well ,,,
    Racedepartment is awesome I personally love and think it his great ,,,
    When it comes to Skins there is loads of support specially from ML ,,, And Petar from RYDER25 I Personally can not Rate this person Highly enough this Guy is a Legend and has showed me loads of Support and actually made a PSSG Update for me to try out when I needed the Help:thumbsup:

    The issue is that the Talent on Racedepartment is unreal and there is people who do not get appreciated enough I think for some of there work,,,

    I have learned through Experience that the People with the Most knollage do not want for some reason to Help you out ,,,,

    I have asked for help from quite a few people regarding ideas that I have ,,,
    I Personally if I had the help from about 4/5 Community Members could bring this game to another level but I find myself sometimes wondering on how I could have done things different ,,,,
    Its the same on Youtube when trying to ask others with bigger channels of different ideas on how to run there channels I find the same problems ,,
    No one wants to help the little Guy out!!!

    I had a Person a Couple of months ago just send me a Question on how to Modify and Change the Liveries ,,,
    So I helped him download and correctly setup Ryder25 PSSG Editor and showed him where to download all the DDS Plugins ,,, He was still struggling so I ended up on his PC And showed him how to work Photoshop CS6 ,,,
    Now he his uploading skins to RD:thumbsup:

    I Want to Create a Ultimate Realizm mod that will be insane but some things I Know where the Files are stored and how to Edit them but I would just be guessing to which files to Edit and would be going at it for days on End ,,,,

    If we could get 1/2 more People to join our little Group we Could easily Make this mod
    Where we would have all the 90,s Classic Skins and Driver specific Wheels along with Liveries ,,,
    I would be Quite happy to do all the File structures and settings it all up but just need a little help in knollage to which files have the Correct information:thumbsup:
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  8. QuangMinh#93

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Love it. Feel like an F1 milionare driver
  9. it looks fantastic.. but not in the blue-purple car =D
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  10. I Do not understand what you are trying to say ,
    I designed the wheel for the redbull ? what is the issue that seems to be the problem explain it to me I may be able to answer ?
  11. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    He means that gold is sooo different from a purple car. So nothing wrong with your wheel, just those 2 colors don't look so nice together
  12. lol I am slow at times , I thought that it looked nice but it was only a bit of fun , would look nice in certain replays but it is a bit bright ;)