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24Hour Le Mans

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Jimi Miller, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. End of October we will be holding a 24Hr Le Mans event, and hope to get a good size grid. If anyone Teams will consist of 2-4 drivers, if anyone is interested in driving, entering a team, commentating or anything else, suck as commentating/streaming, don't be afraid to say.

    Hoping we can bring all club together and advertise for each one :)
  2. how would racing work? would the whole team have to be racing on the same console? and how would commentary work? potentially interested in both.
  3. hi mate

    Nope, it could be done on the same console if so wanted, but, i'll try explain it as basically as possible. The race is held in a practice mode lobby. For example, after you complete a 3/4 hour stint, you'll enter the pits, take a picture of your screen and leave the room. Your team mate will then join the room and do his stint :)
  4. oh that's pretty cool. would have to test it first.
  5. that sounds good. so basically you have to take a picture overtime you go in or out of the lobby? don't understand 10.E though. you got a website link to this league?
  6. yep, that then has number of laps you completed, stint time and when etc :)

    Ah, that rule. Well whether you've experienced it, but in a GT lobby sometimes some drivers are invisible to others. So you may see 5 people on track but there's actually 12. It just tries to make sure there's no incidents or lag and if people need to rejoin the lobby, a safety car means they won't really lose time

    Only link I have is on our clubs forum