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Misc 2017 Season (Realistic 2017 Grid) 1.8

The Full 2017 Grid

  1. RaceKing2016 submitted a new resource:

    F1 2017 Season (Career Mode Season 2) - 2016 is over..... Now its time for 2017!!!!

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  2. Will the riders helmets??
  3. Yes the driver's helmets will change but I have not done the driver numbers yet :thumbsup:
  4. Gasly for Kvyat?
    It's safe that Gasly will drive for Toro Rosso next season
  5. It was confirmed that Kvyat will be racing in torro rosso in 2017 :D But if you want me to make a version where gasly is in place of Kvyat then please tell me :thumbsup:
  6. The driver helmets folder is for resource? or how do you install that?

    Good mod tho. Will look forward to it being final once all teams announce their drivers :)
  7. The driver helmets are just for reference :D They are all ready installed in the mod files all you have to do is drag and drop :thumbsup:
  8. Could you do the same for stroll but adding the martini livery from other mods even if its not mirrored on both side ? The vanilla one is strange to look at after 2 seasons of Martini irl. Thanks for the great mod btw, awesome, don't have time atm to do it myself sheh
  9. Yes :D I would love too!!!! But do you want the one with the barcode the logo or just the red strip?
  10. Id much prefer the car skins to be seperate if possible. I like the pack without the skins as i have added own tweaks to it.
  11. Okay :D Sure I'll add a version without the cars :D
  12. or put the skins in a seperate folder like you did for the helmets. That would work fine also.
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  13. Question can I use these file's first year in career, or do I have to have completed 1 season? want to start career over, and use 2017 driver lineup.
  14. how to change the driver's number on the car??
  15. Yes :D You can use it in any season you want even at the start :D There will be no problem :thumbsup:
  16. It's Hulkenberg, by the way. And how do you edit this file, by the way? I'd love to do some edits myself.
  17. Nico Rosberg announced his retirement yesterday :(
  18. I know :( It's so sad
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  19. I did everything properly and mod he didn't go, is throwing rides out at the beginning or they generally speaking aren't attaching he is playing, no changes are jumping out, what to do? Poland version games
    I apologise for spellings, but is writing with dictionary, I hope that you will help