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Misc 2017 Season Mod 1.61

2017 Season Mod

  1. Kris

    #16 | F1 Youtuber Premium Member

    Kris submitted a new resource:

    2016 Season Mod - 2016 Season Mod

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  2. Ah Great, Thanks again!!!!!
  3. It's back!! :D
  4. Hey I have a question. I installed the mod the way you told me to and now my drivers are mest up. The steeringweel is stikking through the car how can i fix this?
  5. Never mind I fixed it. I forgot to copy a sertain file :D
  6. Hi mate , I downloaded your mod the last time it was available, so i was curious if this one is in any way updated from the last one.Should I download it and overwrite the old one ?
  7. I think its the same................Appie
  8. I think in your mod Force India is too strong!
  9. which file was it? having the same problem xd
  10. Hi! Thanks....
    How to change the gloves? In suits is correct, but when I switch to the view into the cockpit, the logos of the gloves are wrong. This only happens with the drivers who switched teams in relation to 2014. Grateful
  11. hi...i still have suit bug...how can i solve the bug? thanks
  12. In the vid he skipped 2 files if u add these files to IT IT is fixed
  13. Which one? Sorry, i'm bad at english, especially listening to uk. And captions also never work for me.
  14. I really like your mod, congratulations but I want to tell you a problem I have, once I beat my opponent and Scuderia offers me a contract can no longer continue the game, stays locked on that screen and does not allow me to continue the next carrera.-From already very grateful and sorry for my bad English
  15. Hi,
    Great Mod btw
    Just a few issues: The names are the 2014 ones: Rio Haryanto is Adrian Sutil,Palmer is Maldonado and the team names are also still the old ones - Haas is named Caterham
    Also, the McLaren in Tier 4 whereas the Manor is Tier 3
    Do you know what I did wrong and how to fix this,

  16. Kris

    #16 | F1 Youtuber Premium Member

    Kris updated 2016 Season Mod with a new update entry:

    Season Mod Bahrain Update

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  17. Wow that's fast, 1.5 day's after the race. Great work Kris.............................Thanks.
  18. Does the 2.0 version fix the career bug? Just like the ak54 said, and i'm facing that bug also.

  19. http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/2016-season-mod.9647/updates
    You have to install this updata.