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2016 NASCAR "Uncensored" Carset 4K Resolution 1.0

No more censored alcohol and energy drink sponsors!

  1. aowzone submitted a new resource:

    2016 NASCAR "Uncensored" Carset 4K Resolution - No more censored alcohol and energy drink sponsors!

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  2. Just a quick question about compatibility with the latest game patch? My carfile appears to have been overwritten, and your paints are no longer in game, so I wondered if you were perhaps going to issue an update, as there may be other things in the carfile that have been improved with the update? Thanks.
  3. I just copied it over again and everything works as it should. The new driver cars seem to be stored somewhere else, as they are still in. Just make sure to make a backup of your file.
  4. Thanks
  5. I will not be editing any DLC. I don't know if the cupcars*.rab files contain anything related to patches, but I am not surprised to see it overwritten. That's fairly normal.

    Not going to be a lot of support for this mod. It is what it is. Someone is free to take it and use the skins to create new versions every time they patch the game but I'm pretty disinterested in the whole thing at this point. Game is not fun.
  6. Fair enough. I have all the DLC, including the October stuff, and your paints still seem to be intact in the game. The DLC works really nice, in that the liveries changes to be accurate to those used in the actual race. And the game has improved immensely with the latest patch. Try it if you haven't - makes a big difference.