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2016 Kuhmo series.

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by mceci1, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Hello.
    Myself and Outside35 have decided to do a skinpack for the 2016 Kuhmo Series. This hasn't yet started but we decided to put it up here so it is known. If anyone would like to contribute to this pack you are more than welcome as we may take some time with other contributions
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  2. Hi, Mceci1 I have photos of 24 of the cars that competed in the Kumho touring cars that competed this season if that would be of help?
  3. Yes that would be Lachlann. If you could post them it would be appreciated. I was talking to Outside last night and now we are on school holidays and we have more time now. Both of us being in the senior grades, year 11 and 12 have been rather busy which is why it took longer than we hoped
  4. Hahaha all good mate in year 12 myself understand i have the images on a document but unfortunately it seems to be too large to upload is there any other way i could send them to you?
  5. You could place them in a ZIP or RAR file and make it downloadable if you want
  6. Ok
  7. Here is a list of what has and hasn't been done. Feel free to contribute if you have any liveries done. It would be much appreciated. Of approximately 23 cars we have about 6 or 7 cars complete or near completion.

    #4 Shane Hunt - Not started
    #5 Jason Heck - Not started
    #6 David Wright - Not started
    #7 Jim Policina - Complete (Michael Ford)
    #8 Steve Briffa - Complete (Jumbuck Gaming)
    #11 Michael Anderson - Not started
    #12 John Vergotis - Not started
    #13 Tyler Greenbury - Complete (Michael Ford)
    #14 Jack Smith - Not started
    #15 Emily Duggan - Not started
    #16 Leigh Moran - Not started
    #17 Troy Stapleton - Not started
    #18 Matt Chadha - Not started
    #21 Chris Delfsma - Not started
    #25 Dean Kovacevich - Not started
    #26 Bryce Fullwood - Half Complete, just needs number 26 on the front (Mick S livery)
    #26 Garry Jacobson - Complete (Michael Ford)
    #37 Anthony Loscialpo - Not started
    #39 Chris Smerdon - Half Complete, as with Fullwood. Just needs number 39
    #45 Taz Douglas - Not started
    #66 Jack Sipp - Not started
    #75 Brandon Strong - Not started
    #88 Simon Emerzidis - WIP

    Windows complete

    VE windows

    #7 Policina
    #45 Douglas
    #14 Smith
    #15 Duggan
    #26 Fullwood

    #25 Kovacevich

    #37 Loscialpo


    #26 Jacobson


    #13 Greenbury