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2016 Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Bram, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Who's gonna win on Sunday?
  2. Andrew

    Life is Short–Talk Fast ! Staff Premium

    He will win ;) ;) --------->
  3. Normally I would say Mercedes walk in the park, but the long runs made by the teams showed that Redbull might be able to mix themselves in the fight for victory tomorrow. My bet is a Mercedes win since they always have something extra, but I think they will have to work for it tomorrow.:D
  4. So much for Vettel whining (wrongly) about Kvyat, this was like an online race with a slower, panicky guy who got to start from the midfield and glimpsed a spot at the lead :laugh:. Shame about Nico, no more fight for the title in this GP.
  5. Appalling penalty for NR; once again, clearly some of these stewards have no idea what they are doing.
    Hire Mansell as steward for every race.
  6. Blauweke


    That was a great race, quite the surprise to see hamilton's engine give up, he can't have been pushing alot, wich kind of makes me wonder why they thought the engine would make it.
    That battle between the two red bulls before hamilton was out was awesome, during the pit stops i think red bull conciously pitted both cars in the same lap to allow for a gap to be created, max never really caught up, wich is probably cause he had tyres that he already used in quali.
    First corner incident, i think vettel just came in too hot and messed up verstappen and rosberg.
  7. Vettel is only getting a three place penalty apparently for Suzuka. Would have gone five but whatever.
  8. How in the world Max can criticize Vettel for that move when he's done it at least 3 times this year, with practically similar results even, is beyond me. The Rosberg penalty though just shows how badly run this sport is now. There's obvious bias going on when it comes to penalties, and I'm not saying it's intentional, but it definitely exists and is ruining the sport.
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  9. What else does he has to say then when asked about it, "oh nothing happend all just fine" .:D

    Its actually a miracle that Max didnt made contact there, great reflexes. There is really only one to blame in this case. Oh and let me know in wich other races this year Max T-Boned someone, cant remember really unless you are watching F1 in a different universe.;)

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  10. For a lot of people, Max cannot do anything right. The Max haters club members. :D
    Lewis deserved the win today, he was fastest driver for sure. From all Mercedes engines on the grid, only his seem to have problems this season. If Nico becomes WC ..... it will be mostly due to Lewis's misfortune.
    Today... due to Vettel's action, Max didn't win. And under that bombshell........
  11. You can't deny the over aggressive behavior Max has had at turn 1 in races at times. I'm not even defending Vettel's move here, but rather pointing out the hypocrisy of Max to criticize Vettel for what he has done several times this season and last.

    I'm a huge fan of his, so call me a hater all you want, but he's shown some really irresponsible driving as well as immaturity. A lot of great drivers have had similar issues, notably Vettel and Hamilton, so it's not like I'm purposely calling out Max, just wanting him to mature and progress as a driver as others have. The sooner he does that the better he'll be. But acting as though he doesn't have some obvious issues that he needs to get through is ignorant.
  12. Much as I thought Vettel was wrong to criticize Max at Spa for the inside move, it was wrong of Max to criticize Vettel here today.
    This is not driving Miss Daisy on Sunday afternoon...it's F1 racing.
    If a gap exist...you go for the gap.
    Clearly, both SV here and MV at Spa wanted to go ahead to maximize their respective strategy.
    Of the two incidences SV at Spa was more responsible, since he could make room at La Source.
    Today, he was never going to get that Ferrari through that corner (look at the trajectory relative to the apex)...but you can't fault him for trying.
    It's racing.
  13. There is no hypocrisy going on in mine opinion, that's what make you and fans/media all over the world of it. I call it political talk, all drivers and teams do that whether they are right or wrong in order to influence stewards/fans/media in their benefit. That's just part of the game in order to hide their own shortcoming's or mistakes. Even Max does/did that at times.

    You can tell that Max shouldn't criticize Vettel for the incident but you can also turn it around since Vettel tried to blame Max for this incident while the footage is pretty clear what happened.:D That's what I mean with political talk, its always the fault of another. You should look up the radio transmission of races and free practices, you will be surprised how much moaning is going on during race weekends.;)
  14. just as NR was in a league of his own last race, it was LH who was the best today.
    Engine blown is rare occurrence these days, so NR is now a certainty for the DC 2016.
    Shame it had to be decided like that; it was shaping up to be a good battle for the last races.
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  15. Not trying to belittle you, but that's the very definition of hypocrisy. Just because other drivers do the same doesn't mean it's not hypocrisy.

    By the way, I bring up Max's comments because they didn't happen during an interview, but immediately after the incident over the radio. This wasn't him playing to the cameras or defending himself, this was him commenting on a move that he's done several times himself without the full scope of the incident.
  16. Even though I hate Max, it's clear he did **** all wrong here. All blame should be placed on the hypocrite Vettel
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  17. Max did nothing this race. The only thing a handful of people are picking on is his commentary which could be applicable to all his multiple line changes and dodgy defensive moves he has pulled this season, which includes contact with another car - unpunished.

    About Lewis, he had this on the bag but he isn't the first to have certain wins robbed by fortune. You can go back to the beginning of F1. You can go back to 2008 when he won the title thanks to his opponent's misfortune. In his entire career he only drove with Mercedes engines, and two of his three championships came with the Mercedes F1 team. How selfish and arrogant can he be to, in the vast majority of the time, place the blame solely on the team while gladly taking all the praise for his victories? That's the aspect that tarnishes his image. He has plenty of talent, almost like Alonso, and doesn't need that kind of silliness.
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