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Skins 2016 CIGT Skinpack 1.3

2016 Italian GT Skinpack

  1. Troy Barman submitted a new resource:

    2016 CIGT Skinpack - 2016 Italian GT Skinpack

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  2. 3GRacing


    Looks very nice. A question on the install- just copy the Gamedata folder to Automobilista? Do we have to rename the .tga & .srs files in the Series folder to REIZA<next available number>.tga & .srs ?
  3. Nope, just drop the Gamedata and series folder into the main game directory.
  4. Numbers aren't needed in the srs for quite a long time now
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  5. Hi Troy. First of all, amazing work. I am the guy from OnWheeslTV.com, don't know if you know it. I have downloaded the skinpack and loved it, great work. Wondering if you coud do some more, that would maybe fulfill all the other cars from the mod. I am planning on producing two extensive review videos, both about the EEC GT3 and EEC LMS and would hate to publish them with white cars (baseline). If I have no other choice, I'll do it, but, having skins such as the one's you made, as well as one from ARG1980, for sure provide an extra glow to the mod. Don't know how many times I've said this, but congratulations on the skins, they are amazing, all of them.
  6. The base cars are not white tho
  7. Most of them are :) : They look great, but, always much more attractive properly "dressed" with a beautiful skin :)
  8. I might do 1 for the viper but to fill in all the cars with a real life skin is a ton of work. Each skin for me takes almost a day to do as it is. Granted I'm sure in the coming weeks more skinpacks will get released filling in cars that dont have racing skins atm.
  9. You are not able to see it here, but I am jumping in joy :)
  10. I just installed the mod
    The cars and opponents don't show up in the menu (only the pace car) :(
    What i am doing wrong?
  11. If the base mod series cars don't show up then try installing it on the release version and not the beta. As I had the same issue when I tried installing it on the beta. But if it's not on the beta then I don't know how to help.
  12. Where can one get the Mod to put the skins?
  13. The EEC forum.
  14. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    I've tried for over a week to get the mod , with no luck. Created an account with Megasync and it keeps saying I'm typing in the wrong password. It won't let me DL through my browser either because it's bigger than 1GB. Gave up on the damn thing.
  15. Thanks Troy.
    My bad here. I had installed only the base files and updates.
    Now i added the sound, shares, safety car stuffs and all work fine :)
    Awesome mod !
  16. I've never had a problem with mega when using chrome.
  17. I think this depends on the country where you are, I downloaded to our server (UK) fine, but in my PC (Brazil) it reaches the limit after like 700mb so I had to use Megasync
    @Jeff Huber do a new account then mate, I didn't have this issue as I don't even have to type the password so it's strange. Any confirmation email you are missing maybe?
    I'd upload it to Google Drive.... but 1gb @ 100kbps upload speed... not a good idea
  18. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    Yeah thanks man! This is exactly what I had to do. I had to create a whole new account for some reason. It just would NOT work for me. I guess I've never downloaded anything bigger than 1GB there , and it would not let me do it. So I created another account , and I had to try 3 times again to get it to work....it's finally working. This thread is what made me try again.

    I will say this though....I don't care for having to download certain programs , installing stuff in my browsewr and so forth.....just like a nice and easy , click it , download it and install. Not all the hoops and loops of downloading through some 3rd party downloading software.

    Oh well , seems I got it working. Thanks guys.
  19. To be fair Mega was not like this a few weeks ago. I'm not liking it anymore
  20. rocafella1978


    hi guys, anyone know why i get this for every car with the skins? (when i don't have the skins in the folder, i don't have a single problem...???)
    1.png 2.png 4.png 6.png 8.png 9.png