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2015 V8 Liveries ?

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by SimRacingOz, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Just seeing if anyone has done any V8Supercar Liveries for 2015 ?
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. R U Serious man. do you not sleep??
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. The VF Commorodre looks amazing :) - Is your mod from Simuracing going to be released to the public?
  6. Aujourd'hui, la Holden et la Volvo sont presque terminées reste quelques détails.
    La Nissan est bien avancée aussi.
    Pour l'Erebus nous avons notre propre model qui n'a pas reçu un très bonne accueil ici.
    Mais nous travaillons dessus.
    Nous ne nous sommes pas encore attaqué à la nouvelle Ford. Mais elle viendra par la suite.

    Notre mod sera éventuellement rendu public quand il sera abouti.
    Le travail est long d'autant plus que nous avons une vie de famille.

    Google traductor :

    Today, Holden and Volvo are nearing completion are a few details.
    Nissan is also well advanced.
    For Erebus we have our own model that has not received a very good welcome here.
    But we're working on it.
    We did not attack the new Ford. But it will come later.

    Our model will eventually be made public when it is completed.
    The work is long especially as we have a family life.
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  7. All sounds good Jclaude. Best of luck. Hope to see them in rF2 one day.
  8. The Holden look fantastic , so real to me :thumbsup: Great work on those 2015 skins , also Im more happy to knok that those models are on the way , so I feel more excinting about this :D:D

    Great work they are doing on those Beast Models, btw I love that STIX livery!!!!!!!
  9. ,,,
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  10. sorry ..really nice skin.
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  11. Great job!