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Skins 2015 Sebastian Vettel Helmet 1.1

Sebastian Vettel his 2015 helmet

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  1. Question, Can I use this for the T125 with Ferrari t14 skin????? (help) :whistling::unsure:
  2. yes you can you only need to replace the HELMET_2012 file in the skin folder
  3. :thumbsup:Thank you very much for reply my friend!;)
  4. Sir, Can I PLEASE have your permission to upload, (to this site) to use your Helmet-skin? Because I added the Vettel helmet and add a Ferrari logo instead of the lotus logo. I wanne upload a "Ferrari f1 Vettel pack" for the Lotus T125.
  5. Sure, If you give me credits
  6. NO PROBLEM my friend!!!:thumbsup:
  7. You have view on other websites disabled :p
  8. Last edited: Aug 18, 2015
  9. UH....? Dont understand? wat do you mean....?