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2015 Race Results

Discussion in 'Xbox One | World Endurance Challenge' started by Michael Watts, Oct 1, 2015.

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  1. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Race #1 Results:
    1. Eric Cline, BMW Z4, Dyno-Might Motorsprots------------- 25
    2. Nic Worsfold, Aston Martin GTE, AMRT----------------------18
    3. Michae Watts, BMW Z4, Dyno-Might Motorsports---------15
    4. Alex Hinton, Aston Martin GTE, AMRT------------------------12
    5. Railer Cantrell, RUF RGT, HRH Racing------------------------10
    6. Mike Daro, RUF RGT, Proton Racing--------------------------- 8
    7. Lucas Gortman, BMW M3-------------------------------------------6
    8. Brian Batiato, Aston Martin GTE, AMRT-----------------------4

    A great First race for the series. Started with a stellar qualifying session. Nic Worsfold was burning up the track with a 1:43.733 and the pole for the inaugural XB1 YiroTires WEC season. But at the start it was Michael Watts that got the jump on him heading into the corner as Worsfold missed a shift. Eric Cline followed closely behind while Nic was swallowed into the field of hungry drivers. The race started at a fairly quick pace with the BMW's pulling away running nose to tail for much of the first part of the race. As Pit stops started to ensue Watts ducked down Pit Road and gave the lead over to Cline who had Worsfold and Hinton on his bumper. Both Cline and Worsfold pitted together with Cline getting the upper-hand as the #37 Aston Martin had issues in the pit. The early pit by Watts wasn't enough to stay in front of Cline and fell in behind Cline after his out lap. Never really closing the gap on him for the rest of the race. Hinton and Worsfold was closing in on the #82 BMW like hunters tracking a wild animal until Hinton made a mistake in the Inner-loop allowing Worsfold, who was directly behind to take advantage of his mistake and overcome his early pit issues. Worsfold closed in on the BMW but couldn't pass until the Watts, slipped coming out of turn one on lap 44 of 45. That allowed Worsfold to get by and chase down Cline who had stretched his lead to 3 seconds. Cline taking the last few laps very safely was battling an ill handling race car at the end but was able to keep Worsfold at bay and win by a .3 seconds for his first of the Season.

    New-comers, Mike Daro, ran a great race and finished ahead of Lucas Gortman and Brian Batiato, who both struggled with handling issues. Batiato used the session for testing after having issues early. Gortman was displeased with his car and will be switching to a different Manufacturer before the next race. While Veteran Railer Cantrell struggled to find is pace, still finished a impressive 5th place despite virtually no seat time due to scheduling issues. He is looking to improve his performance as the Championship heads for Silverstone next week.​
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  2. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Race #2 Results

    1. Chris Chavana, Audi R8 LMS, Audi Racin.................................................................................25
    2. Michael Watts, BMW Z4, Dyno-Might Motorsports....................................................................18
    3. Eric Cline, BMW Z4, Dyno-Might Motorsports...........................................................................15
    4. Nic Worsfold, Aston Martin GTE, AMRT....................................................................................12
    5. Alex Hinton, Aston Martin GTE, AMRT......................................................................................10
    6. Sean Flemming, Audi R8 LMS, Audi Racing..............................................................................8
    7. Tom Senchak, BMW M3,...........................................................................................................6
    8. Joe White, Aston Martin GTE, AMRT.........................................................................................4
    9. Brian Batiato, Aston Martin GTE, AMRT.....................................................................................2
    10. Lucas Gortman, BMW Z4, Dyno-Might Motorsports.................................................................1
    11. Railer Cantrell,RUF RGT, HRH Racing.....................................................................................0.5
    12. Bryan Milioti, RUF RGT,............................................................................................................0.5

    Second Race of the series moved to Silverstone for the beginning of the European tour. With some new faces in the series that brought some serious speed into qualifying. Chris Chavana was quickest of the day Qualifying a lap of 2:00.456, who was a half second up on new-comer Tom Senchak.
    Nic Worsfold qualified 3rd followed by, Eric Cline, Alex Hinton, Michael Watts, Railer Cantrell, Sean Flemming, Joe White, Brian Batiato, and Lucas Gortman. Bryan Milioti's team was unable to get his car ready for qualfiying as they were having electrical issues with the car.
    The race started fairly well for everyone except Milioti's car which was still having issues. The field spread out fairly quickly as everyone established their pace. Chavana spared no time in establishing his quick pace and putting distance on Eric Cline who quickly moved into second. Tom Senchak had some issues at the start with the handling of his M3, spinning off early within the first couple of laps. First casualty of the race was Railer Cantrell, who spun off in Maggots and Becketts with what appeared to be a broken drivetrain as he wasn't able to get his car going again. The field was fairly static until and incident between Nic Worsfold and Lucas Gortman got together as Gortman's car hooked the edge of the track while he was moving aside to let Worsfold pass. That would send Nic to the pits early to repair damage. Gortman had more handling issues and retired shortly there after with suspension issues.

    Pits stops were the order of the day as strategies began develop as the leaders pitted. Chavana started the race with a full fuel load, maintained the lead only pitting for tires. Eric Cline, in 2nd was next pitting for tires and fuel, and Michael Watts in 3rd, a couple of laps later. After pitstops several drivers were complaining of handling issues as Doc extended his lead. Watts moved into 2nd as his car was much improved after the Pit Stops and started to actually put some distance between himself and Cline in 3rd. A miscalculation in Fuel Mileage gave Watts the best chance to catch Holiday, however Doc was still able to maintain his lead only allowing Watts to close within 12 seconds before opening it back up again. Tom Senchak and Joe White both struggled with the handling of their car and continued to drop through the field losing a lap to the leader.

    Brian Batiato was the highest finishing GT-Am driver grabbing 9th place and driving a pretty solid race. Compliments of Racing etiquette were handed out on their driving within the race. Lucas Gortman and Bryan Milioti failed to make it to end due to issues with their car, but are still in the running for the GT-Am Championship. Each driver vowing to have much better races in two weeks time when the Series heads to Circuit de Spa Francorchamps.

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  3. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Race #3 Results
    1. Tom Senchak, BMW M3
    2. Chris Chavana, Audi LMS
    3. Michael Watts, BMW Z4
    4. Nic Worsfold, Aston Martin GTE
    5. Eric Cline, BMW Z4
    6. Joe White, Audi LMS
    7. Alex Hinton, Aston Martin GTE
    8. Lucas Gortman, BMW Z4
    9. Robert Waddell, RUF RGT-8
    10.Brian Batiato, Aston Martin GTE
    11.Brian Milioti, RUF RGT-8
    12. Dopey, Audi LMS
    13. Sean Flemming, Audi LMS

    Third Race of the Series brings us to Spa Francorchamps for a test of speed before Le Mans in two weeks time. All the Drivers brought speed galore to a challenging fast track. With Eau Rouge looming on the course like a car eating Monster, it challenged Drivers to push the machines to the limits in order to obtain maximum acceleration for the Kemmel straight. The usual suspects qualified up front during and extended Qualifying session. Leading the way was Tom Senchek, who amazed everyone with his blazing lap of 2:16.758. The rest of the field were very close with Michael Watts in 2nd with a 2:18.284 just edging, Chris Chavana-2:18.290. 2nd thru 6th were only separated by a few tenths.
    From a Standing Start, Race started with no incidents in the run up to Les Combes. The drivers all filed in and found the Audi's dominating early, all chasing the very fast BMW M3 of Senchak, which no-one seemingly had anything for. Early mistakes dropped Watts back to 5th and while trying to take back forth locked up and got into the back of dopey damaging his car and any chance he had at a good finish. From there Watts' damaged car was easy prey for next few drivers. Joe White had troubles of his own after a great start and challenging Chavana for 2nd his car went away early and a mistake set him back. This allowed Cline, Worsfold and Hinton to race comfortably keeping pace with near the front until pit stops. Further back in the field Robert Waddell, Subbing for Railer Cantrell, had some good battles with up and coming drivers Brian Batiato, Lucas Gortman, and Bryan Milioti.
    With Senchak, running away with the race, he pitted first, while never relinquishing the lead. Other drivers had some different strategies, but most were aiming for Mid-point in the race. Some strategies were better than others as some struggled to calculate fuel use. Watts was one of the last to pit at lap 24, where he repaired the damage to his car and got back on track as far running competitive lap times.
    As the sun set on the track some of the drivers were blinded in Bruxelles and Stavelot, while other spots where shrouded in shadows creeping across the braking markers, creating some issues and causing Milioti to be DQ'ed for missing the track limits a few too many times. Others managed ok, but lost time allowed the field to be strung out somewhat. This paid dividends for several drivers struggling early on as Watts and White both made up several positions near the end of the race to recover from what could have been very disastrous outings in the points. Cline gambled too much on his fuel and had to give up a certain 3rd place to settle for a top five finish. All in all it was a good race for most and a very good test session leading up to Le Mans. We can expect to see Senchak class the field again with his speed there, or perhaps maybe a new face will emerge as the show moves on to France.
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  4. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Race 4 Results
    2.4 Hours of Le Mans
    1. Tom Senchak / the Dalai toma / BMW M3 #14GT-Pro
    2. Michael Watts / MichaeI Watts / BMW Z4 #82GT-Pro
    3. Joe White / bigdaddvx2005 / Audi R8 LMS #3GT-Pro
    4. Railer Cantrell / HRH Racing / Mercedes SLS #47 GT-Pro
    5. Sean Fleming / Prometheus360 / Audi R8 LMS #18GT-Pro
    6. Nic Worsfold/ EpilepticToast / Aston Martin GTE #37 GT-Pro
    7. Chris Chavana / docholiday600 / Audi LMS ultra #4 GT-Pro
    8. .Brian Batiato / SpiffPF2 / Aston Martin Vantage GT3 ## GT-Am
    9. Lucas Gortman / x Taco Lover XX / BMW Z4 #84 GT-Am
    10.Alex Hinton / tha Sup3rN0va / Aston Martin GTE #22GT-Pro DNF
    11.Eric Cline / McNasty0421 / BMW Z4 #83 GT-Pro DNF
    12.Joe Zarkos / JoeZarkos / BMW Z4 GT #98 GT-Am DQ'ed
    13.Marcio Jesus / PRT marcioj / Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3 #GT-Am DNS

    Le Mans is the biggest race of the season. The legendary track challenges both man and machine in the longest endurance race of the year. As the series sets up for the race there are a couple of new faces in the GT-Am class, Marcio Jesus, and Joe Zarkos. Other than that it was the usual suspects up front during Qualifying. Railer Cantrell, who recently split ties with RUF Porsche, took his new Mercedes to a blistering pole lap of 3:54.9. Michael Watts and Tom Senchak both with 3:55.5 and 3:55.7 couldn’t match the speed of the Mercedes. But it wouldn’t matter as there was glitch in timing and scoring and the grid for the race was set to random. Forcing Railer to the outside poll while Watts started from the 11th position. Jesus’ team was unable to get his car to the grid after experiencing technical difficulties and withdrew from the race. But that still left 12 drivers to battle for the next 2.4 hours of Le Mans.

    At the start, due to the random grid, there was a lot of jockeying for position as Senchak and Cantrell pulled away from the field. A bit of an auspicious start for drivers, Chris Chavana, and Brian Batiato, as they both experienced trouble early leading to damage on their cars. Chavana pitted multiple times during the race to repair damage but still managed a 7th place finish. Batiato also rebounded from his early troubles to finish 8th. Cantrell, who couldn’t stop singing the praises of his Mercedes kept pace and shared the lead with Senchak. Both drivers using the draft to build a comfortable cushion till their first stops. As the field spread out Watts, who had showed great speed in qualifying had to start virtually dead last with teammate Eric Cline, sliced through the field till reaching GT-Am driver Joe Zarkos. Zarkos put up a good fight and on lap 4 while trying to pass Zarkos into Muslanne Corner, Watts spun under heavy breaking causing damage to his car and forcing him into pitting for repairs and dropping him back to 11th again. Zarkos would go on to run well into the night until corner cuts had the Stewards disqualifying him in his first outing for BMW. Eric Cline, had a rough night struggling with the car until finally he had a suspension failure and was forced to retire. Alex Hinton suffered from a similar fate crashing out of the event in the early morning hours before the sun came back up.

    As the night progressed, so did many different strategies by the different teams, including the one used by Joe White which took him from 7th to a Series high 3rd place finish. White was very happy with his finish thanking his car and sponsor. Nic Worsfold, had a good night with a very consistent run and was pretty happy with his 6th place finish despite feeling his car was bit under-powered compared to the rest of the field. Back at the front of the field Senchak had begun to pull away running a blistering pace through the night. He patiently waited for Cantrell to make mistake, which allowed him to move out front and take advantage of a clear track.

    As the night wore on, Cantrell faded a bit in his Mercedes as he challenged White who was running in 2nd at the time. They traded positions a few times before Cantrell dropped back into the clutches of a hard charging Flemming and Watts, who had pushed his BMW back to 4th place. Both Flemming and Watts were making time on Cantrell, until Flemming suffered some kind of brake system malfunction causing him to slide through the gravel and into the barrier. Flemming was still able to recover with a 5th despite suffering damage and having to repair the car. Watts was able to catch the cars of White and Cantrell after Flemming's misfortune, even passing White while in the pits for the final stop.

    As final stops played out both, Watts and White, were able to get past Cantrell who was running second when his car had trouble and suffered damage in the Indianapolis corner. As the sun came up the lap times started dropping, with Chris Chavana who ran his fastest lap (3:55.4) of the race. Everyone was trying to catch Senchak who had built a 2:16 lead with one stop left. Even after an extended stay in the pits, Senchak still was able to enjoy a 1:08 gap to the finish of the race. Senchak was elated with his finish, and enjoyed his battle with Cantrell, but gave props to Watts and White for their 2nd and 3rd place finishes respectively.
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  5. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    RACE #5 Nordschleife
    1. Tom Senchak BMW M3 #14 GT-Pro
    2. Nic Worsfold Aston Martin GTE #37 GT-Pro
    3. Michael Watts BMW Z4 #82 GT-Pro
    4. Alex Hinton RUF RGT-8 #3 GT-Pro
    5. Railer Cantrell Mercedes SLS #47 GT-Pro
    6. Brian Batiato Aston Martin Vantage V12 #45 GT-Am
    7. Lucas Gortman BMW Z4 #84 GT-Am
    8. Joe White Audi R8 LMS #3 GT-Pro
    9. Eric Cline BMW Z4 #83 GT-Pro
    10.Bryan Milioti RUF RGT #41 GT-Am

    Strap on your Lederhosen and grab a beer, as the Series moves to the heart of Deutschland for the German Round of the World Endurance Challenge. This round features Germany's crown jewel of a track, Nordschleife, which presented its share of challenges to every competitor. There were familiar faces at the front for this one, as well as a few missing faces. Team Audi was having issue's with the altitude and prepping their cars for the race here. Only one driver represented them on the track this weekend. Also new was abound when YiroTires, brought a new compound to the track 2 days before the race, which added to the challenge. Tom Senchak, was fastest as usual in practice and qualifying with a blazing lap of 6:45 which would only be overshadowed by a quicker lap in the race. In fact Qualifying was very tough for many of the competitors and only 4 set times in the 30 minute session. Putting Senchak on the pole with Alex Hinton outside pole (6:48), followed by Nic Worsfold 6:49), and Michael Watts (6:51). The rest of the field in lined up based on sector times.
    The race had an auspicious start with the car of Bryan Milioti having some kind of suspension failure at the start nearly collecting Eric Cline, and heavily damaging Brian Batiato. The front four scooted away early putting distance on the rest of the field. The front three stayed close together for first few laps, until Senchak had trouble with the curbing of the track damaging his car. But that was a minor setback for Senchak, who had been 2-4 seconds faster a lap then everyone all weekend long. After pitting for repairs, fuel and tires Senchak found his way to the front again as other pitted. Worsfold, who didn't have anything for the leader was still very happy with his performance over the weekend turning in a very solid race and setting a good pace early that kept him out of trouble but still maintained a very healthy gap over Watts in 3rd place. Watts, didn't have the speed of the other top three cars, but maintained just enough to place him in front of Alex Hinton who, had terrible luck all day, damaging his car and then trouble in the pits. Hinton had the speed to finish 2nd but could not overcome the issues he had on the track.
    Not to be overshadowed , GT-AM drivers Gortman and Batiato, involved in an early accident, had a fantastic battle all race long going back and forth as each one dealt with mistakes on the track, with Batiato ultimately prevailing in front of Gortman to stretch his lead in the GT-Am standings. Unfortunately Joe White, wasn't able to match his finish from Le Mans and retired early from the race as did Eric Cline a few laps earlier. Bryan Milioti wasn't able to continue after the damage he incurred from the beginning of the race as his car ended up on its roof. All Drivers are excited to get back to the States for the next race at Sonoma, as Tires will continue to be question mark. With Senchak winning this race he now takes the lead in the points, even after missing the first race of the season, and has now 4 race wins in a row.

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  6. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Race #6 Sonoma GP
    1. Michael Watts BMW Z4 #82
    2. Tom Senchak BMW M3 #14
    3. Alex Hinton RUF RGT-8 #3
    4. Joe White BMW Z4 #99
    5. Sean Flemming BMW Z4 #50
    6. Brian Batiato Aston Martin Vantage V12 # 46
    7. Nic Worsfold Aston Martin GTE #37 DNF
    8. Railer Cantrell Mercedes SLS #47 DNF
    9. Eric Cline BMW Z4 #83 DNF

    After a much needed break for the Holidays, and a very challenging Round at Nordschleife, the Series returns to Wine Country at Sonoma. A beautiful and technical track nestled in Napa Valley in mid-west California lends itself to some very tight racing. It was no different this weekend. As in past weeks the usual fast guys were fast. With Tom Senchak and Alex Hinton both setting fast times in Practice only to be backed up in Qualifying. Senchak took the pole with a 1:29.133, with Hinton chasing -.624 off the pole followed by Michael Watts (-.729)
    Joe White (-1.566), and Nic Worsfold (-1.630) rounding out the top five.
    The start of the race started smoothly with the leaders pulling away early. With some good racing up front Watts was able to get by Hinton early and chase Senchak for the early part of the race. A lot of good racing further back between Flemming, White, and Worsfold. Eric Cline had difficulties from the start forcing him to retire early from the race continuing with his trend of bad luck. Hinton and Railer Cantrell both suffered from handling issues early in the race. Hinton was able to recover well, as Cantrell wasn't as fortunate and retired his Mercedes midway into the race. A back and forth battle between Hinton and White proved entertaining until Hinton grabbed the advantage and increased his lead after pitting later. While up front the battle was heating up between Senchak and Watts. Senchak could gap Watts seemingly at will, but small mistakes would bring him back to the bumper of the M3. Eventually, Watts would grab the lead, only briefly before pitting, as Senchak had issues with the kurbing in turn 7 all day. The early pit put Watts in front of Senchak after he stopped for tires and fuel mid-way through the race. Senchak closed the gap and stalked Watts lap after lap trading places a couple times as the two made contact. This battle went on for a few more laps until Senchak pushed for the position entering turn two hooking Watts' car sending both cars off track. Watts would get the worst end of the deal making minor contact with the wall. Hinton, driving like a mad-man, was rewarded for his resilience by taking the lead. Senchak feeling the race, and his 5th consecutive win slipping away tracked down Hinton and started putting pressure on him. As the battle ensued Watts didn't give up either and pushed to get back in the fight. As Senchak and Hinton fought hard each lending the other to make small mistakes, Watts was able to close enough to make it a three car battle. Senchak took the lead with 10 to go but a mistake on lap 53 put Watts ahead again for what would be the last time. Senchak tried multiple times to put pressure on Watts, but the kurbing in turn 7 would strike again allowing Watts to finish in front of a heated battle between Senchak and Hinton all the way down to turn 11. Watts' scored his first win of the year while Senchak held off Hinton for 2nd. Joe White came in 4th in front of Sean Flemming who had to get creative to finish the race after miscalculating his fuel mileage. Worsfold wasn't so lucky and dropped to 7th after running out of fuel on the last lap giving the 6th position to Batiato.
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  7. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Race #7 Sakitta GP 48 Laps
    1. Michael Watts, BMW Z4 #82
    2. Nic Worsfold, Aston Marton GTE #37
    3. Joe White, BMW Z4 #99
    4. Sean Flemming, Ruf RGT-8 #11
    5. Chris Chavana, Ruf RGT-8 #16
    6. Tom Senchak, BMW M3 #14 DNF -Electrical
    7. Robert Waddell, Mercedes SLS #16 DNF -Handling
    8. Railer Cantrell , Mercedes SLS #47 DNF -Accident

    The tours moves East, actually the Far East to Sakitto, Japan. In what was supposed to be a very fast race at a fast track turned out to be quite a challenge as the skies opened up and it began to rain, adding an element to the race that the series hadn't experience all year. The reduction in grip really shook things up in Qualifying as well.
    As the track dried speeds got faster and faster Tom Senchak the perennial favorite for the poll was fast, but it was about who got the last fast lap before the session ended. Michael Watts was able to do that at the end of the session by slapping on Softs and taking advantage of the drying track. Nic Worsfold was second with Senchak third followed by Chris Chavana, Railer Cantrell, Joe White, Robert Waddell, and Sean Flemming.
    After drying up in the Qualifying session the rains fell again right before the start of the race. Since warm-up was cancelled some of the teams were able to change back to rain tires for the start of the race. And after 2 pace laps the race was underway albeit a very tentative start with all of the drivers tip-toeing around the track on cold tires then negotiating the wet tarmac. There were a few instances at the beginning of the race involving White, and Worsfold, but the drivers were able to recover well and pushed to finish well. Some struggled in the rain while others were able to pull away. Senchak broke away early only to slip and fall back after a few laps. This allowed Watts and Chavana to lead the field around until the rain finally tapered off after about 30 mins into the race. Watts pitted early along with Senchak, while Chavana kept pushing his inter's and taking the lead. Robert Waddell used strategy to put himself into 2nd place forcing Watts and Senchak to chase Chavana and Waddell down. Senchak now on Softs and in the dry was easily able to get by Watts after getting by Waddell he was tracking down Chavana for the lead and his 5th win. Chavana pushed his tires as hard as he could until he finally had to pit losing too much time to Senchak. The race was calm for a moment when Cantrell had issues coming out of the final corner crashing hard into the barrier. After losing a wheel he was forced to be the first retiree. After the leader pitted it left Senchak in the lead by 6 seconds with Watts and Worsfold chasing. It stayed that way until the top three's tires really started going away. The pit stop came just in time for Watts as he got damage from an entanglement with the lap cars of White and Chavana. Worsfold used the opportunity to change tires too and after the pit stop the gaps remained pretty stable with Senchak having nearly 12 seconds on Watts at one point only to have electrical issues late in the race to thwart his efforts of a 5th win on the season. Waddell was having a pretty good run until the handling went away on his Mercedes forcing him to retire early as well. As darkness fell over the track the final 12 laps came down to Watts and Worsfold. Hitting marks in the dark became more important than ever as Watts tried to collect his second win of the season. With the ever dominant Senchak out Watts was able to hold on for the win, his second in a row.
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  8. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Race #8 Zhuhai International Circuit 60 laps
    1. Michael Watts, BMW Z4 #82
    2. Joe White, BMW Z4 #99
    3. Tom Senchak, BMW M3 #14
    4. Ben Wells, Aston Martin V12 #13
    5. Nic Hurtado, BMW Z4 #13
    6. Railer Cantrell, Mercedes SLS #47
    7. Nic Worsfold, Aston Martin GTE #37
    8. Reuben Watson, BMW Z4 #27
    9. Brian Batiato, Aston Martin V12 #47
    10. Lucas Gortman, BMW Z4 #84
    11. Bob West, Aston Martin V12 #55
    12. Robert Waddell, Mercedes SLS #16

    As the points race tightens up the Series moves from the rolling hills and technical track of Sakitto to the Flat and fast Zhuhai in China's Guangdong Province. Zhuhai,a sprawling and modern city, plays host to the second to last round of the championship. A few new faces were on the grid for this weekends events. Newcomer, Ben Wells,surprised more than few with his top 3 times in practice. As usual Tom Senchak was fast as he, Wells, Michael Watts along with Railer Cantrell traded places for top times.
    In Qualifying, track conditions proved a little tougher to gain grip and Watts was able grab the pole for the race, with a 1:31.958 edging Senchak who still put down a respectable 1:32.078. The only other car that could have gotten into the 31's was the Mercedes of Cantrell who had technical issues and wasn't able to qualify forcing him to a provisional. Joe White continue to show his improvement as the season moves on by grabbing 3rd followed by Wells for 4th, and Robert Waddell rounding out the top 5. Reuben Watson led the rest of the field in 6th with Nic Worsfold 7th, Nic Hurtado 8th, Bob West 9th, Brian Batiato 10th, and Lucas Gortman 11th.
    After seeing some very close times in practice many of the drivers running with in a couple of tenths of one another it was expected to be a very competitive race. With a smooth start Watts jumped out front and tried to protect his new found points lead from Senchak's speedy M3. Senchak was attacking early but brake troubles would force him to fade back into the clutches of the rest of the field, allowing Watts to pull away. Waddell's day would end early with an accident forcing him to be the first retiree after such a promising qualifying. Joe White capitalizing on his new found success in the BMW found him racing hard with Wells and other new comer Nic Hurtado. As they fought back and forth battling hard, and rubbing fenders. Brake troubles still effecting Senchak created a four car battle until a mistake by Wells would place him into the sights of a speedy Cantrell and his Mercedes that would lend itself to a great battle as well. Worsfold had a bit of a struggle early catching a piece of Bob West's spin before settling in and finding a good pace, but ultimately finishing disappointing by his standards. West's day wasn't much better retiring early due to poor handling of his Aston Martin. Reuben Watson suffered from poor handling as well despite a good qualifying, but stuck with it to finish behind Worsfold. As the race wore on strategy began to play into the mix as pit stops began and darkness set in. Watts was the first one to pit for a scheduled stop, giving up his 20 second delta. As the other leaders pitted Watts regained the lead with a 15 second lead over Hurtado.
    Hurtado's engineer tried a strategy move by just fuel only, but lack of grip ultimately cost him 2nd place and he would return to the pits for tires. White and Senchak would continue to battle as they overtook Hurtado's fuel only advantage. Watts, still enjoying a 14 second lead started to conserve fuel allowing White and Senchak to close in the final laps of the race. Seeing the delta growing smaller, hungry for his first win in the series, White dropped the hammer and closed the gap of nearly 10 seconds. White's pursuit of the leader was anything but epic.On the final lap White made it to Watts' rear bumper. Trying to dive inside at turn 7, White locked up his brakes and gave the leader a shunt putting the two cars wheel to wheel. White yielded into the next corner after the inadvertent contact but continued to search for a way around. Watts was able to maintain his position to the line and hold on for the win, his third in a row. If there had been a few more laps White would have probably been celebrating his first victory of the series.
    Senchak's brake issues would relegate him to third, while Ben Wells made a great first impression finishing 4th. Hurtado rallied back to finish 5th after pitting twice in the race, while Cantrell managed a 6th place finish after spinning twice and starting shotgun on the field. Batiato managed a competitive 9th place with a broken wrist from an earlier testing accident, and solidified his GT-AM championship points lead over Lucas Gortman.
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  9. Michael Watts

    Michael Watts
    XB1 Gamertag: michaei watts Premium

    Race #9 Dubai Autodrome GP 48 Laps
    1. Tom Senchak, BMW M3 #14
    2. Michael Watts, BMW Z4 #82
    3. Joe White, BMW Z4 #99
    4. Nic Hurtado, BMW Z4 #24
    5. Brian Batiato, Aston Martin V12 #47
    6. Railer Cantrell, Mercedes SLS #47
    7. Ben Wells, Aston Martin V12 #13
    8. Eric Cline, BMW Z4 #83
    9. Nic Worsfold, Aston Martin GTE #37

    The end to the Inaugural, World Endurance Challenge is a showdown in the desert. As the Teams pull into Dubai to end a grueling season attrition has taken its toll. As sponsor dollars dwindle only a Handful of teams have had the backing to make it to each every race. This put 9 teams on the track for this weekends final race. The lack of teams helps some and hurts others. Michael Watts is pretty much guaranteed the Championship by merely starting the race, while Joe White needs a win and Nic Worsfold to finish in 11th or worse to surpass him. Brian Batiato, pretty much had the GT-Am championship sewn up and is already looking forward to defending his title next year.
    Of the teams that did show there was good race on a challenging track. But tire wear would be the determining factor for many as this abrasive track is hard on the YiroTires supplied. Still the speed was there and Qualifying was tight. Watts had run a 1:56.06 in testing but could not match it in practice or qualifying and settled for a 1:56.25, while Senchak, fast as usually hit the mark at 1:56.08 giving him the pole for the race. Joe White, clipped Nic Worsfold by 2 tenths with a 1:56.48 for 3rd, followed by Eric Cline 2 tenths back in 5th, with Ben Wells 2 tenths back of him for 6th. Railer Cantrell ran a 1:58.305 for 7th, in front of Brian Batiato's 1:58.610. Nic Hurtado ran a 1:56.6 but missed the drivers meeting and started from the rear of the field.
    At the start troubles began early for Worsfold as his Aston Martin had a major vibration issue and he was forced to retire before the completion of the parade lap. When the green flag dropped, Senchak got really loose on cold tires and dropped to 3rd after the first turn, giving Watts the early lead. Ben Wells showed a quick pace early as he held second in the early stages of the race before Senchak would take that spot back. Cantrell would have issues early as well, spinning off the course and breaking a Left Front wheel forcing him to pit for repairs early ultimately leaving him multiple laps down. Senchak chased Watts down, but it took til lap 19 to get around him after Watts went wide on the final turn only to pit on lap 20 for fresh rubber. That strategy would pay off as Watts stayed out on old tires for several more laps, pitting with White on lap 24. Senchak would keep gap of nearly 20 seconds until the end of the race. As things sorted out it left Watts in second with White chasing after getting around Nic Hurtado, who make a great recovery from his last starting spot. Wells, on a different strategy would try to run the race on old tires and that would prove very difficult as he retired from handling issues later in the race. Cline had tires issues as well, causing him to spin into the wall and end his day suspension damage. White was able to close on Watts in the final laps of the race but the gap proved to be too big and he settled for 3rd. Senchak stretched his tires to the end using his 20 second gap as a cushion to take it easy on the car in the final laps. Hurtado showed good pace finishing 4th in front of a much improved GT-Am Champ, Batiato who finished 5th with Cantrell rounding out 6th place. Most Improved Driver of the year would have to go to Joe White as he showed good pace in the final 3 races to make it a very tight points battle between himself and Nic Worsfold.
    And that does it for the 2015 Season with Michael Watts winning the Overall Championship with 3 wins. Senchak, dominated the season with 5 wins, but his Electrical Issues at Sakitto proved to be the ultimate difference in the end. Eric Cline showed promise early, winning the first race at Watkins Glen only to have bad luck beset him throughout the season fading to 7th. Brian Batiato, showed consistency and improvement in pace throughout the season and battled with Lucas Gortman most of the season.
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