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2015 Pro Race #3: China Post race discussion

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by michele d'alessandro, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. Given that admins don't open post race, I do it so we can talk about our race.
    I start.
    On Q1 I made 2 mistake on my first 2 laps so I had to abort both laps. My last lap went well.
    For Q2 I have no words

    At the start I overtook jeroen but I didn't want taking any risk braking late and he regained his position. On first stint I wasn't able to overtook him so I tried a different strategy but on the last stint I lost 2 seconds on sector 2 because of backmarkers. Without this waste of time I would able to catch him and maybe try to overtook him.
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  2. What is this tool you used in the vid?
  3. If your team mate says "Decrease a little bit the Brake Duct" don't decrease the Brake Map. Otherwise you will finish Q1 in P28.

    And about the race, I wanted to make a 1 stop strategy, and when all was going well, I pitted to put Mediums and transformed into a ballerina.

    If you don't trust me look at 1:18:30 and 1:31:35 in the broadcast.
  4. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

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  5. rF2ReplayOffice
  6. My race can basically be summed up as "loaded wrong setup and ran with an extra 60L of fuel". Serves me right for not giving my race setup a unique enough name from the original one I had. But hey only 2 people out at T1 this time, I thought for sure on this track we would get more chaos.
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  7. Q1: On my first lap I extended the final corner and abandoned the lap. On my second lap I was blocked and abandoned the lap. On my third lap I was running in some dirty air but keeping it clean till the final corner when I was blocked, but I swerved around and finished the lap but lost a huge chunk of time. Pretty disastrous session for me. Grievances stated in the other thread.

    Race: I made a big mistake before the race had started. I thought I would have to do a lot of DRS overtaking so I raised my 7th gear by a lot. It ended up s having 4kph off my straight line speed due to low revs. And I never even used the top speed because I didn't use DRS to overtake once. Lesson learned.
    I got off the line well but made contact with @Andrea Ventura at the first corner. Sorry Andrea. You were being very careful as is expected. I tried to be careful too but I simply wasn't careful enough. That left me with bodywork damage, suspension damage and ruined tires. I pitted on lap 1 and fixed the bodywork damage but the suspension damage remained with me for the rest of the race with the steering pulling to the right.

    From there I carried on with my OOP strategy. The only excitement I saw was around lap 15ish when I overtook Rodriguez. Near the end of the race I was on medium tires and trying desperately to keep the pace up to avoid being lapped by the mighty Kweekel but he had terrific pace and I succumbed 2 or 3 laps from the finish and I ended in P12 due to retirements ahead.

    Happy with the pace I was managing, especially considering suspension damage
    No spins
    11 points is nice

    Terrible qualifying. Partly due to too many cars on the track. But even if I hadn't been blocked my sector times were not good enough to get close to a PB.
    Error of judgement when raising my seventh gear
    Thickheaded crash into back of Ventura at T1

    EDIT: After a bit of investigating it now seems that my loss of top speed was mostly due to the suspension damage. That cost about 3kph and the gearing change cost about 1kph so I dont feel so bad about that decision in hindsight.
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  8. Quali: Well to try get a decent lap was a mission for all of us but i tried to do the best i could in such a situation
    Race: Had a hair raising moment on the first corner which if my swerve timing was incorrect i wouldve ended up tboning Cook but managed to get past it luckily.Went fine for 17 laps made a few noob mistakes and entered the pits on lap 16 , at the pit exit all the front runners were there so i had to crawl on the grass to just around the corner where i starting sinking like Indiana Jones in the skull crystal so that ended my race
  9. Q: Missed Q2 by 0.001, getting clean lap was quite a challenge.
    R: Good start, overtook Wim who apparently had very long 1st gear, then in T6 it was all messy, I think Algpeus divebombed Nel who went very wide, so I took that position too, at the same time Klop overtook me on the outside getting better traction, good move. So i'm in comfortable P10 pulling out slightly from Eugene when at the end of Lap 2 I brake for last corner and car did not stop. I thought i didn't broke but in T1 again my car did not stop, and in T11 brakes did not work at all. Had to let everyone by and on long straight tried to fix my brake pedal which finally worked. Obviously all hope was gone, so 10 points again and better luck next time.
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  10. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I struggled with quali pace in the build up to this race so when Pre Quali was anounced I figured I better get some Q practice in. Managed to lower my PB and get into a high 1:36.

    With pre quali cancelled and all of us on the track I was on the out-lap behind Ben Eastman as we warmed tyres. Towards the end of the lap he and I started to drop back to make space to the car in front for the hot lap, but the car behind didn't seem to realise and passed us both filling the gap we had made then proceeded to do his hot lap at a pace much lower than ours which could have hurt badly. Luckily enough I left him a lot of sapce to get a clear run in my first hot lap and get a high 1:36. with a banker.
    Went again but a HUGE train was passing the pit exit so I sat there for a long time to give them all a chance. Managed to get a slight improvement and jump Eastman.
    It was almost my PB and my PB would have only moved me one row forwards.
    Still its my first seson of FSR and just to outqualify 8-9 drivers feels like small victory to me.

    The start was a concern and I took it carefully and all I did was look at a manic rate to the spaces ahead/behind/left and right and try to maintain them. To my great shock and relief I was through Sector 1 safe and took a deep breath.

    Big error through loss of concentration and I was sideways in T1 on about lap 4. Hit another driver to whom I have apologised. Small bodywork damage which I should have left alone.

    Then had a massive and embarrassing set of problems starting at my pit stop. Double tap on pit limiter and a subsequesnt stop go drive through, then as I leftthe box after a 18 sec stop for reapirs one of my team mates Pascal Chapon had two boxes illuminated and as he left one to check another I thought he was leaving pits and was safe on the limiter, while checking mirrors I hit him destroying his race and losing a front wing. One more stop for a wing (and fresh tyres again) after a 2 min lap , one more for the stop go (and fresh tyres again (could have done both at once!!!) took tyres all 3 times and it was a drive for 10 points after that.

    I think P13 would have been the best possible so all the dramas taught me few things and cost me some pride.
    If anyone wants a deal on 2 sets of only very slightly worn soft tyres with only an out-lap on them just send me a pm.
    Again sorry to Pascal Chapon for pit lane contact and Mihajlo Vićentijević for T1 lap 4 or 5.

    See you in Bahrain, Thanks all.
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  11. Slow Quali, Dream start, defended to hard against Befumo (Different Strategy), Finished 10th, would have been happier with a place or 2 higher which was possible. On to next race see you guys there !
  12. Jeez dude. That could almost be the difference between when who opened the DRS that few CM earlier. :confused:
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  13. Joined session last minute having just got back from Go Kart race that morning.. wasn't planning on racing but thought I may as well give it a try with no PQ just Q1.

    Massive lag spikes were a real pain as I had literally jumped on PC without having time to close background apps. Game froze as I came out pits and was so embarrassed by ruining a GhostSpeed car's lap I left, sorry about that :p. Pace wasn't great anyway and I was already exhausted from earlier so it was the right decision not to race

  14. You have to watch a bit more on your mirrors. I didn't understand why you didn't let me and sander pass on the long straight. We already had both open drs which means we were clearly under a second. Sander had to outbrake you basically to overtake you and than from my perspective it looked like you saw him and let him go.
    The only problem was, and that made me really furios. I thought that this is a chance for me to close the gap to kallas since i saw now that you know that kallas is here and than ofcourse i think, that you know that i'm here too. So i steered back to the racing line. And than you suddenly brake down to 50kp/h on a corner which drivers take with 80kp/h? why not driving outside of the corner. I nearly crashed into you and had to steer left instead of right and lost alot of time to that...
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  15. To give you my side of that, I got blue flags 3/4 way down the straight, as you say Sander made an aggressive move to get past me and you came on my left at the same time I can't go anywhere. I don't understand what I'm supposed to do when getting lapped in a braking zone or entering the apex of a corner because IMO it's much more dangerous to make sudden moves in those areas? I don't understand what you mean by why not driving outside the corner as in I should miss the corner completely? seems a bit extreme to intentionally leave the track in such a way;the rules state backmarkers should get out the way at earliest possibility, surely that would have been either by letting you follow Sander through, or by pulling right at the exit of the hairpin to allow you to pass?

    @Pashalis Gergis, king of the random dislike stalking :thumbsup:
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  16. I think it was my worst race here. Only P4 in Q, and only P4 in race. I had really big problems with my tires and I was quite shocked, because I managed to do 10 laps on the first stint on softs, so I was pretty sure that I will be able to do 11 on the next stint. Truth was quite different because after 7th lap on my second stint I realized that my tires are crumbling down too fast, so only option was to wear mediums and try to do 16 laps on them :O I knew that it will be hard as hell so I decided to push really hard and wear a softs on the last 7-8 laps. Jeroen, Michele great performance :thumbsup:
    But I shouldn't expected any better results, if I practiced for that race only few hours :)
    Be ready guys for the Bahrain, see you :D I promise to improve myself
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