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Misc 2015 mod 1.5.1

I know I was told not to make a new file each time I do an update. But people where complaining.

  1. chessmaster02 submitted a new resource:

    F1 2015 Mod V1.5 - I know I was told not to make a new file each time I do an update. But people where complaining about that there was three parts.
    Also Admin you can take the old parts down

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    Last edited: Nov 11, 2014
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  2. Decenten

    Driver of the #73 Team OGMRZ Holden V8SC Premium Member

    Only 12 mb you really should have combined them together. RD has enough stuff clogging up the forums with out this...
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  3. And that is why I combined them. Happy now? Also Admin you can delete the others if you want.
  4. ahahahahahah 4 part
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  5. It was meant to be 4 parts (the old thing) with no names on cars but it was too big.
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  6. How can I changing the photo of team manger ?
  7. This is hilarious! Stop releasing this WIP... what a waste of everyones time...
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  8. First of all sniper420 I am not making you download the mod. If people want the mod then people can have the mod. Second of all Marussia have announced that there is a 99% chance of them being here in 2015, but renamed as Manor F1 team. I am working on a skin plus some database tweaks to add them. They will still have Marussia drivers though.
  9. There appears to be alot of errors and problems in the mod that pretty much ruin the game.
    1. There are a few errors in the Database. Only small ones such as Mercedes listed as having Honda engines instead of Mercedes and Mclaren having Mercedes instead of Honda.
    2. The speed of the Teams/Drivers are a bit messed up as well. Massa is normally 3 tenths or so faster than everyone else and the Mercedes are always behind everyone but the Caterhams, Marrusias and Saubers.
    3. The difficulty settings are a bit too easy. Im driving the marrusia with all aids off and im only half a second off Massa.
    All of these problems are sorted whenever I use the default Database so it must be something to do with the one you provide. The first one I can sort out easily but the other 2 I can't since I can't mod as well as you. So could you please try to fix them and keep up the good work .
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  10. It doesn't do it to me. Please PM me all the problems you want fixed. I didn't change many of the database files except the ones to change names and add Honda. Sorry about that. Perhaps during the file transfer it stuffs up.
  11. im pretty sure you never test your mod.....

    sincerelly... useless this one
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  12. Well did you see the F*&(#$@! Pictures. They are mine. I love this mod. I am working to resolve this issue BTW.
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  13. airutonpurosuto8912


    How would you become professional with this mod? :unsure:
    Without @Gustavo Luna we won't have a new professional modder...
    And I'm unsure if @v1tek will be back to modding...
  14. realitychecked


    Luna wasn't a professional. He was a modder. Just like all of us who make resources. We don't have qualifications or names, whatever.
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  15. Update coming soon. Probably after the Abu Dhabi grand prix. May change the car names and better photos plus some new transfers (If applicable)
  16. airutonpurosuto8912


    I can do the car numbers/names that before the Abu Dhabi GP if you want.
  17. Must agree with Xamuii. Same exact thing. In Australia Massa on pole, Mercedes barely into Q2, where they stayed. So...there must be some wrong numbers there. Also...that Honda...if you driving 100m behind, they have white wheels...
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  18. With 2014 out of the way update will be out soon! My PC is stuffing up (I am on a Mac) but once it is ok there will be an update!