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Skins 2015 Lotus Mercedes E23 1.0

Lotus 2015 new skin

  1. adrian pozuelo ruiz submitted a new resource:

    2015 Lotus Mercedes E23 - Lotus 2015 new skin

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  2. nicely made
    thank you
  3. Cool thx...still sexy and we know it:inlove:
  4. May be F1 2013 is more pleasure for new 2015 skins (helmets, and overall 2015 mods)?
  5. superbe job ! :thumbsup:
  6. Yeah, maybe tomorroy to work on it...:thumbsup:
  7. Please put
    Lotus Mercedes E23
    This pci if from E22
  8. What?
  9. I think he meant the car base...he maybe like the me2 chassis ...:whistling:
  10. Photo is not from Lotus Mercedes E23 2015, it is from E22 2014. question is this car Lotus Mercedes E23 or E22?
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  11. It's the 2015 skin on the 2014 chassis, because the 3d model is not able to change...:cautious:
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  12. Hmmm. question .... is the specocc changed .. if so please upload ... thanks :cool:
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  13. chianamik


    NICE WORK .....
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  14. when it says to backup my files it means the f1 2014 files or all my computer files?
  15. Seriousely?:confused:

    You need to backup the files you are going to replace
  16. ok thanks