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Skins 2015 Daytona24 Falken Tyre 1.3.1

Replica skin for the URD Darche car

  1. Bernd Graf submitted a new resource:

    2015 Daytona24 Falken Tyre - Replica skin for the URD Darche car

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  2. [​IMG]

    White wheels ... took 2 mins ... Let me know if you want the files ... ;-)
  3. Hmm...looks like you get to be included on this project...I messed with those rims forever and they never looked right...now, about as good as they will get ;). Definitely would like...and would like a new render with the corrected banner if you don't mind ;) :p
  4. have you re-uploaded the file .. this is the file I got from here this morning ? and that is the banner inside.
  5. The correct banner red parts are in v 1.2.
  6. ok .. i'll take a look now
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  8. Had to go to bed, sorry for the late response...will update today after work :)