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2014 World Championship Short Video Review

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Here is the Short Video Review of the 2014 Formula SimRacing WC Season, sorry if i missed out some good moments, plus the quality of the camera shots arent good anyway, so i am aware of that, but anyway enjoy.

    Uploaded on Avid Sports 1 on YouTube
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  2. I know you do it voluntarily but still I expected more , video is not bad but not very spectacular
    Regards Pat. :)
  3. i know, but this is my last video until something in FSR eventually opens up
  4. bar the quality of the shots this is really good IMO mate, enjoyed watching it!
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  5. A little disappointed. Yes you had some defining moments of the season in there but if you hadn't watched any of the races you wouldn't know what was going on. Also, all I really saw was crash after crash highlighting very bad aspects of FSR and I don't recall seeing a single proper overtake of which I'm pretty sure there are many to choose from.

    Not saying its a bad video, it was quite well done and put together but not a review video, just some video to a music track.
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  6. like i said, i have had missed some moments, but it is still a review though.
  7. Few tips for future. rF2 tracks are very much dependent on HDR feature, that makes everything look very dark and colors washed out when you have HDR off. The FOV on the onboards shots is too high, I would say F1 onboard cameras use something between 50 and 55, this is closer to 70.
  8. ok will note for further use
  9. Okay you make a lot of the same mistakes that alot of other reviews do too. Mike touched on the big ones. Too many crashes and that theres no real story behind your video. The camera angles you used were pretty good but u need to work on these shots where you control the camera yourself. They werent smooth enough.

    But dont get me wrong its still a decent video. If u add the story(which saldy requires alot of work) of the whole season and a few good overtakes here and there on top of what you are already doing then you probably get a pretty good video.
  10. Fairly good. What a season for FSR! This is my ranking on how exciting each WC race was IMO

    USA (Austin)
    USA (Indy)
    San Marino